Binance Venus Vs Facebook, Not Just Bitcoin, China Still Loves Crypto & Rakuten Exchange

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  1. The nyse and the like specifically deal in securities. It matters not to them whether a coin is a security. Their main concern hinges less on regulatory issues and more on liquidity of the assets. Only highly liquid assets would be up for consideration.

  2. Binance needs Venus to stay relevantits losing customers and volume sucks on binancehate Facebook but lets get real here, they will onboard 3 billion clients and BTC will win over some of those and eventually most of themLibra is complete shit!! but as long as it brings us new clients then welcome

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  4. That’s right, it’s pronounced Zed in Australia and England too. I’ve always thought it funny how Americans changed the spellings and pronunciation of English words and then they think everyone else is wrong 🤣

  5. So at the expense of the U.S taxpayer, Witless Waters and her delegation of Dickheads will travel first-class to Switzerlandone of the most expensive countries in the world, – and stay in 5-star accommodationso they can 'discuss' crypto? Use the fucking internet/phones/webcam like everyone else. What a joke. Bunch of freeloading chancers.

  6. Has the TSX (Toronto Stock Exchange) ventured into the crypto market? An internet search produces an announcement in March 2018 of TMX Group teaming up with another company with plans of launching a crypto exchange but it's not clear if this ever happened and if so what it's called. With all this news about Bakkt I was curious if something similar was being planned in Canada.

  7. Heyy awesome you did come to Canada! You mentioned something the other day that made me think so but I was like noo, he's been in Europe since I started watching in December. Maybe you made some kind of announcement in between April and June when I wasn't actively engaged, but either way, welcome! Not sure where you are, but come visit us on the beautiful west coast one day if you landed elsewhere 🙂

  8. You HOPE there will be private transactions on the block chain in a couple of years. I don't have that much faith. With the massive amount of computer power the NSA and Google have, just to name two, I don't see how you can believe that. Unless there is a biblical uprising of the masses, that's the trend I see.

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