Litecoin Halving Countdown 1:11
Litecoin Price 1:54
Litecoin News Headlines 2:15
Charlie Lee Predictions 3:15
Litecoin Mining Profitability 4:31
Litecoin’s Last Halving 6:00
Bitcoin Halvings 6:57
Binance Charity Poker Cup 9:26
Litecoin Halving Recommendations 10:37

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Comment (29)

  1. Price will most likely drop slightly before but I've been DCAing so I'm not worried about having to dump. I'm in it for the long haul so I'll wait till after the halving and start buying more.

  2. Lol homie definitely missed the bus. I've already 6x my fiat value on ltc but I guess that's not a moon? Know how I know he missed the bus? Cuz of the wack ass annoying add at the beginning

  3. Cheers Randall. I agree. Get in, hold for a month, then GTFO. Last time the peak was on July10th with a peak of $8.73 and on the same day a close of $4.51. That is INSANE. Be very careful with Litecoin. I expect the peak to be earlier this time as people anticipate the sell off.

  4. That’s funny, Craig Wright claiming he’s Charlie Lee. Couldn’t stop laughing.

    Reminder that Łitecoin fees have just been reduced by 10x – Ambcrypto had article in May. More Łitecoin info overleaf

  5. No real reason for litecoin to exist. Just because helped bitcoin in the last bull run does not mean is necessary…..why all those people that screaming now buy litecoin now dot screamed buy litecoin back in December. But yea go ahead and buy the shitcoin….

  6. Walter Trading is the Real DEAL

    Thanks for your great, informative and interesting videos. I'm enjoying them a lotI used to be a confused Hodler who didn't know what to make of his crypto investments, I had 17k worth of bitcoin, 120 Etherium, 300Ltc and 20,000 xrp, the prices where dropping so fast before my eyes, I saw Bitcoin go from $13k to to $6k in June last year , my Alts were falling at the same, I sold half of my Holdings out of Fear of loosing everything , I had only 2.6Btc left in my Coinbase wallet, I had little knowledge on Stocks and Forex so it really enhanced my Learning .Early July , on CNBC channel I heard them mention a Crypto Veterian named ì Walter Aarav they said he runs a training program for Amateur investors who lack understanding on how Trading Bitcoin works, I contacted him the next day, he told me his fee for his program ( No upfront payments ) we started working , he gave me guidelines on what to do, I started trading under his guidance same day, it was a bit complicated but I understood better after 3days, I continued with him for 3weeks , I made 28k total which I paid him his Fee from ,he's down to earth and always ready to teach , I was able to reach him through his Telegram Number -(+1-323-776-6410) , or you can send him a mail Waltertrading10@yahoo. com

  7. Good one!! Psyched about the possibilities for ADA this year as they are finally picking up steam and named a new sharpshooter as Cardano foundation head. I am thinking .25cents by Santa Time


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