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  1. Hi Chris, great video. I couldnt agree more with assessment. The dollar is constantly inflating whereas crypto is decreasing in avail supply every year. I diversify into precious metals and crypto to protect the purchasing power and ultimately my labor value of earned hours as my career progresses. Im hopin the best for the dollar but government is constantly expanding as aee its financing needs. Too many potential domestic challenges for US at this point to validate me to holding any savings in us dollars goin forward

  2. The West is responsible for the rise of Cryptos. It is a trojan horse. I love the gains, but it is a scheme of wealth transfer. the fiat ponzi scheme is coming to an end. Goverments and federal banks know this. They created cryptos for this moment in time. love your channel. keep a larger perspective what this is truly about.

  3. Chris on Litecoin day chart. Look at from Feb 8 – April 6 (Leg 1)then the retracement period, we may be on that second (longer leg) which started on April 30th, compare both legs(eerily similar). Leg 1- 227% if you include wicks, Leg 2 – currently unknown. Just saying I think we're gonna run right past the 175 resistance up to the 212 area….then another retracement. Let me know your thoughts

  4. The important halving is now and maybe the next halving after that, the amount rewarded vs the coins in circulation ratio is close to zero and will not matter. When the reward is sub 1 coin every block vs 70 million supply LTC or nearly 20 million BTC supply, sub 1 coin every 10 minutes will not matter


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