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  1. @Chris M man you had to sold LTC two weeks ago for BTC and #HODL it till you see signs on some real uptrend in BTC

    Anyway you just idling while everybody is ridining a horse on BTC
    Halving was already priced in. No need to wait on the sideline while with astronaut costume 👨 🚀

  2. I don't think this halving will be as big as the last one but I don't believe $144 is all Litecoin can do. By the time this halving takes place, 75% of all Litecoin will have been mined leaving only 25%, which could trigger a price surge. I don't think it's gonna go to $300+ or anything crazy like that, but I do believe $175+ is definitely possible, at which point people should maybe bounce out into Bitcoin until that halving event, then bounce out into alt-coins for alt season?

  3. i want to add that trailing stop losses are tricky especially in high volatility, you can get wicked out, I read a 10% to 15% trailing stop loss is most profitable, but in crypto you have scam wicks that takeout the widest stop losses. It happened to me on binance, I put a trigger stop buy at 122 with 5% wide stop, as you know it dropped to 110, but the stop buy was triggered by a huge scan wick and I got a price of 135!! because when using trailing stops the orders are filled at market price, so will get a lousy price in a scam wick.Never again I will use trailing stops in crypto. Best method is to ascertain the buy and sell targets and ladder limit buy or sell in these target ranges.

  4. wyckoff method is textbook in LTC. Wish I understood it before this run up recently. I think whales reaccumulating for the next push. But if they are distributing their shares it will drop. I am not an expert to tell if its reacummulation < buying slowly> or distribution <selling their shares slowly>. But from LTCBTC it looks like its reaccumulation and the recent drop is the liquidity test before the spring up. This period is called phase C, and its a bear trap for LTCBTC. Cross you fingers everybody if it reaccumulation it will fly to a new high.

  5. I want to say something about trading and stop losses. LTC goes up to lets say 200. You put a stop loss @ 180. Pulls back to 180 and continues to ATH. You may never see 180 again. This crap happens all the time in bull runs. The last bear market was an amazing time to accumulate. If you are in a rush well I guess you have to trade. But if you are not in a rush hodling is easy and there are huge tax advantages. Trade some and hodl lots. The majority of crypto millionaires are hodlers.

  6. Pretty safe observation to suggest that the halfing has already been priced in. Everyone and their brother knows about it which means the fomo has already run course. Look for LTC to start dumping 1-2 weeks before the event. Take your profits now or be sorry!

  7. What program or site are you using in the video and thank you for taking the time to give us some insight. I am just getting into crypto, but am going to go in big and all the information helps.

  8. holding is only good when you are at the bottom and going up, but on the top of the mountain there is plenty of room to go down. I haven't bought any ltc lately, just observing and we are unable to go above 120, eventually a sell off might happen.

  9. Serious question for you Chris and anyone else that is a bit off topic. Do you realistically think DGB can hit $1 within 5 years? I've seen predictions as high as $10 which I don't take too seriously. But I do think DGB can hit $1. Now think of that. That is almost a 100x gain from today's prices. Maybe you guys have your favorite and DGB is in my portfolio. Do you have the same confidence of 100x in these other coins? If btc were to go to 50k+ and drag many of the alt coins up, which has the higher percentage gain?

  10. Litecoin is finished! The bests gains are already had from $20 to $120… all this halving hype is just hype. If you bought over $120 just sell and put the rest into Bitcoin.


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