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  1. Chris, it's not the "200-Day moving average" on the Hourly chart, as you say at 1:12. It's the 200-Hour moving average on the hourly chart. It's the 200-Day moving average on the daily chart. And, it's the 200-Week moving average on the weekly chart. I've mentioned this to you before, but you're still mislabeling the moving averages. To confirm what I'm saying, compare the actual 200-Day moving average on the daily chart, and you'll notice that it's nowhere near the location of the 200-Hour moving average.

  2. I like your comparison between different chart analogies!! & I'd say daily 10 minute videos with weekly indepth longer vids.
    You have great Ideas and I think your style is spot on 👍

  3. Great and informative video sir. Considering the current trend which bitcoin is exhibiting, its quite a crossroad for the cryptocurrency. The $5,000 range resistance is quite strong which indicates we may not necessarily be over the bears yet but rather in a bull trap. The safe thing to do in my opinion is what i have always done in the last couple of months even in the height of the bearish market which is actively trading to increase my portfolio in the advent of a strong bull ride in such a way that i would still profit impressively which ever way the market goes. I met Mr Dennis in a crypto forum and his mini enlightenment was really beneficial for me so i kept contact and he then introduced me to his winning strategy and signal system with which i have been able to triple my coins in no time. I have tried a few before now and lost some money but his system is so self explanatory and easy to implement i was already making profit in my first week of meeting him. I think men like him should be given more awareness in the space as a bunch of investors and even content providers are not as good as they suggest. First thing to do as a business person is to realize your purpose which is to make money and also be smart about it. Dennis Wirth can be reached by mail/whatsapp (denniswwirth@gmail/*+1518 3519039*) for any crypto related assistance any serious investor would require to do well from the business of cryptocurrency or his telegram

  4. Chris if you have T. V. pro try this. Heiken ashi candles, 20 ema, macd, cci, trade last completed candle direction. 2nd chart Renko, use this for enrty exit, exit when candle changes direction and 20 ema breaks. No stop loss! Open reverse hedge trade if wrong. More detail? See


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