10 Year Ethereum Bull Run, Ernst & Young Using Ethereum, Binance Traffic & Crypto Ownership

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  1. bruh, 'cryptoassets' is just an umbrella term,

    under it are 'cryptocurrencies', 'cryptocomoddities', and 'cryptotokens'

    calm yo teets

    they're just clarifying taxonomy

  2. Finally someone who speaks what I think. Back in the days when I was just small, I started mining as benchmarks for my brand new 4core pc wit a 8800gt. Just for fun, I hated ETH. Now a few years later I am more bullish on eth then ever, but no one else seems so. They are looking for the newest alts, not able to see what eth does bc everything else is suppose to be a eth killer.. thanks man!

  3. @
    The Modern Investor – VeChain is working with Country's/Nation States as well, and they have PWC and Deloit. That is just a fraction of their current real use case.

    I think the crypto community is doing a real disservice by not accurately portraying the opportunity VET

    represents. I like you to know what you think, Modern Investor 🙂 I would love to hear your overall feelings on VET.


  4. no way that many % of people own cryptoall those numbers are too high. 6% in the US? no way. 6% of people don't even own stocks outside of mutual funds / 401k let alone know enough about crypto to have a coinbase/binance account

  5. Netflix stocks in 2011 fell from $42 to $9 just before its bull run to $400. Amazon stocks had a 90% correction twice before becoming one of the largest market cap companies in the world. Many assets in the technology space have the tendency to see large value volatility before their big run up. It's a function of being a disruptor in the technology space, not a drawback.

  6. Stick to the big 3 for sure. Only a few other coins will make it at the end. The foundation coins are already there. The rest are trying but wont make it. My top 2 BTC/LTC

  7. Am I the only one who finds the person's name "Vaseline" funny? I literally stay to the end of the video just to here that name lol. Great info TMI, you are always bringing relevant info.

  8. Yep, people should reevaluate their portfolios. By holding Bitcoin, Ethereum and IOTAI think you will do very good. I also believe that China eventually will build (Crypto) Firewall 2.0, and that they exclusively will use some of their homemade crypto's, thus holding some chinese coins wouldn't be a bad idea.

  9. Here is some food for thought:
    If banks cant give you any interest ( or negative interest ), how high is the chance that people put their money
    into Ethereum to stake and make average 2% – 4% yearly? ( Dont know the number for staking interest.)
    I think this will trigger the multitrillion $$$ Marketcap for Cryptos. Everything else is in an bubble ….

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