$217k Profit in 1 Trade! Binance Bombshell: These Coins Could Suffer This Would 10x a Coin In 1 day

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Binance Bombshell explained
These coins could suffer from Binance excluding US
IRS altering BTC Tax policy
This would 10x any altcoin in 1 day
JP Morgan betting on Bitcoin?
HitBTC excludes the US
Facebook’s Global Coin Partners Revealed

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  1. Hey Chris. Just ordered a Ledger Nano X from your link. Can I use my seed words from my Nano S and have both show the same Acct and use it as a backup stored offsite?

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  3. There’s not that many delistings really more significant than QTUM. Binance is pulling a “be right back move” to get into compliance with U.S. regs.. That was all. We already know what’s going to happen, but if we knew dates it would not be fairer and people are tryna use fare. If ferries.

  4. I have also liked KCS since the BTC ATH, it used to give me dust of other tokens. What do I do with all the dust now? And then they changed their reward for holding, no more dust? What do they give nowadays Chris? My KCS bags sitting there.

  5. Thank you for all the videos you put out daily! I really enjoy them! I have a few questions? Can I join the trading group on monthly basis? Also can you do a video on coins that pay you rewards like NEO, ONT, KCS? Kucoin pays out rewards on these coins just wondering if any more on Kucoin that I'm missing! Thanks!

  6. yep the government does not want us regular people investing..mark my wordseventually it will get to a point that if you are not a credited investor you will not be allowed to own crypto

  7. xrp and facebook coin are attacks by centralized banks with the set goal and purpose to corrupt and destroy crypto as we know it and take away your freedom (bow down slave)

  8. Dude earned $217k in 1 trade. And he owns 2225 bitcoin. That's roughly $19mil !! $217k is a few crumbs for him. He can gamble with 20-30 bitcoins. That's how rich people get richer.

  9. International finance will do everything in their power to maintain the current status quo. They will put in the most draconian regulations you can imagine in a desperate effort to maintain the current power structure. Facebooks Global Coin is an attempt to maintain this power with the current elite pulling the strings imo. They will fight any attempt at a transfer of wealth and power.

  10. Personally I’m not a fan of fakebook, although I think their global coin will be a very positive thing for the whole space. It means a major adoption. It’s going to be a stable coin so I don’t understand why people think it’s going to be a threat for altcoins. Once new people get to know the global coin and realize they can make money on altcoins, crypto industry should explode.

  11. Wont be Binance! It will be called BAM tradeing, They will just use the wallet with limited Tokens, noo BNB or IEO pumps the shit coins will disappear!!!Take the good with the bad FB mite open some new doors with regulation involved, we have to embrace these changes in crypto or we will be left behind!

  12. There will only ever be 1 bitcoin!! in the UK we still call all vacuum cleaners a Hoover! because that is the brand which first came to market with a vacuum cleaner..

  13. So, is my Binance account going away? I feel like I missed a few important details. Is this related to all trades or the new leveraged trade features they're adding?? I'm a little confused about this.

  14. Sorry brother, by Binance closing to the US most alts will crash incredibly low. Most other exchanges will follow suit if they haven't already and it will be harder to trade them. I don't understand why Binance had to fold like that considering they are based in Malta? Why would our laws apply there?

  15. Damn, I always supported professionally run pump and dump coins/tokens on Binance.
    We generally dumping all these alts now?
    Zack's been very nice lately, i'll show my support for facebookcoin.

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