Another Bitcoin yearly HIGH… 200B Market Cap!

✘ Tohano ny Channel alalan'ny BTC Lightning Network:
► ny

✘ Manaraha Ahy:
► ny
► ny
► ny

✘ fifanakalozana aho mampiasa:
► Coinbase Fiat ny
► Binance Fiat ny = 35002320
► Binance Altcoins ny = 16553332
► Bitmex hoavin'izy ny
► Deribit hoavin'izy & Options ny

✘ My Chart Fitaovana:
► TradingView ny = 2&aff_id = 12339

✘ mpanjifany ny Hardware:
► masiaka natao tamintsika ny
► Trezor ny = 14&aff_id = 1164

✘ Ataovy azo antoka ny Private Keys:
► ny = 517

BTC ✘:
► 12vg29zgveAqm31yiUrL9kM2ANmYMFaA93

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  1. Your a criminal dude. You were shilling bitconnect not too long ago you weasel. You know fuck all about crypto. Playing on innocent people in the crypto scene to pump your bags of shit coins

  2. Hey sunny! Would be really interesting to hear your opinion on Celsius Network that seems to grow rapidly in popularity. I really like the concept as one of the major steps to get unbanked. But is it really safe to store your crypto on such places? Or are we still waiting for a decentralized similar candidate? They seem to have a trustworthy sympathetic ideology in order though. Would love to hear your thoughts. – And keep up the good work!

  3. I think each of you wants to drive cool car, drink elite whisky and have a rest with girls who have a breast size not less than 3) For all this things you need money, a lot of money)) this year ICO of the Telegram will help you to become rich

  4. Please help me understand, why do you take the perpetual contracts and not the 3, 6 or 9 one? You wouldn't pay any funding to the shorts, you only pay with perpetuals. Are you expecting to hold longer than 9 months?

  5. @sunny decree

    I hope you read this comment.
    Can you please tell us in your next video that why aren't you using futures contracts instead of perpetual ones to avoid those high funding fees?

  6. Hey guys can someone please help me. Is it possible on bitmex to get liquidated just from funding rates? I have a position open that is 1600% in profit but my 'realised PnL' is in the red an increasing. Also, where it says 'TOTAL' in the top right of the screen, this number is going down. If it gets to zero would this mean I would be liquidated, irrespective of my position?

  7. Sunny you make good content. I've learned a few stuff from you. But you better STFU with this Bitmex BS because the way you present it is, you make it seems like it is an easy thingas if its nothing. I fell for your BS in May, cus you was acting like its all easy getting in with 25x leverage. I've lost 1500 euros in a couple of days. My BTC from then are fucking gone & I went in when the prices were between 5900-7800. I was stupid enough to fall for some youtuber BS, it seems so easy for Sunny, so just do the same. Im not judging you, and your nor responsable for my loss. It was my stupidity thinking i could do the same since you made it seem easy…. all i want to say is, if you want to talk about leverage Trading, make sure to warn every fucking noobie to not start with that shit. Im Just trying to warn others not to do the same mistake i had done!!!

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