Bybit: = RPyME
Bybit Tutorial:
TA learning Playlist:

✘ Manaraha Ahy:
► ny
► ny
► ny
► ny

✘ fifanakalozana aho mampiasa:
► Coinbase Fiat ny
► Binance Fiat ny = 35002320
► Binance Altcoins ny = 16553332
► Bitmex hoavin'izy ny
► Bybit Futures: = RPyME
► Deribit hoavin'izy & Options ny

✘ My Chart Fitaovana:
► TradingView ny = 2&aff_id = 12339

✘ mpanjifany ny Hardware:
► masiaka natao tamintsika ny
► Trezor ny = 1164

✘ Ataovy azo antoka ny Private Keys:
► Cryptosteel = 517

BTC ✘:
► 12vg29zgveAqm31yiUrL9kM2ANmYMFaA93

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  1. It's actually not fun watching you basically make a casino bet because you have so much bitcoin you don't care if it goes up or down, you can afford it. You are able to make such gains because you can afford to loose bitcoin. If you don't have such stupid amounts you can't take risks like you do. I was watching when you made the purchase on bybit because of the comment about bitcoin being full on bear so you made the bet just to prove it wasn't with no idea whether it was done falling which now you've made almost $500 in gains which is soooo frustrating because I didn't go in at that time because I don't have alot of bitcoin and didn't want to risk loosing more. This is just a frickin gambling site and you are sooo frickin lucky. Good for you but I'm done watching you.

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