#DonaldTrump ‘s tweets about #Bitcoin and #Cryptocurrency is a hot topic on Twitter and many well-known crypto people are fighting for BTC. Billy will take a look at these tweets as well as remind you of what exactly it was that Trump tweeted.
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Donald Trump: “I am not a fan of Bitcoin and other Cryptocurrencies

ny https://www.ccn.com/news/bitcoin-is-money-wall-street-vet-schools-donald-trump/2019/07/12/?amp

ny https://www.ccn.com/news/jpmorgan-bundesbank-adapt-crypto-or-die/2019/07/11/?amp

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  2. Bitcoin and cryptocurrency in general are here to stay, they won't go away just become some boomers don't understand the concept. Assuming the technical challenges can be solved (and they can), don't forget why cryptocurrency is so powerful to begin with. Their decentralized nature makes them fundamentally more sound than their centralized alternatives. Take for example NOIA Network and the Web3Infra Alliance's efforts to rebuild the Internet's old and decrepit infrastructure. When people have the choice between modern, decentralized, highly-performant CDN, or Cloudflare, which is apparently crashing every three days lately, the choice will be easy to make. And no one will be able to stop people from making that choice.

  3. Probably the easiest path for most world gov'ts is to just treat crypto like stock. Very simple, when it's bought for investing or trading, then it's taxed like a stock, when it's used to exchange for products and services, then it's untaxednormal sales taxes will remain the same. Not sure what's so difficult about this. Security Tokens can be treated with an "As-If" the national currency in which it's used to be pegged to the national security in which it's used. How is this any different than "Visa-Bucks" or "MasterCard-Bucks" which is already used digitally worldwidebut slow AF and less secure. Normie Boomers will ruin the planet if left unchecked.

  4. How could it be good? Seriously. Your delusion if you think the tweet is good news.
    All it does show though is btc is highly manipulated and news does not control the direction of the price. Btc is controlled by only a select few.

  5. I think Trump is working on backing the dollar with gold in the future, so his focus is there.
    Nevertheless, I personally don't need anyone's validation for my investments. I love Trump. But we don't have to agree on everything.

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  7. I don't think that his tweet was really about pickle and I think it was about Libra coin. I think the government doesn't like what Facebook is trying to do and they're going to do a lot to try to stop it.

  8. Well watching the charts today I would say it has made an amazing case for censorship resistance. Now if we could just get another exchange that will be legal in the USA that doesn't charge you to the teeth in fees. Coinbase will now have a monopoly on Exchanges. So far as I know only coinbase will be legal in Sept. Not an accident the fees are so high. They don't want people to have an opportunity at wealth they want your proletariat ass sitting in the factory pushing the button. Actually trading for a job, forget it!

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