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  1. What intellectuals in the bitcoin space do you follow? This call for 8k-8.5k is most definitely not a new thing. It getting WAY to popular but it’s not new. Neither is a major pull back for that matter. It’s expected based on the parabolic rise we have had and it’s also something that has been repeated numerous times throughout bitcoins entire charitable history man… 30-40% correction is relatively normal and has been anticipated by nearly every technical or intellectual person in the space.

  2. TMI, everytime you say Professor "WALI" I dont know if I am spelling correctly, but I also think that you are talking to me because that's how my last name is pronouced 😀 Damn, I had a dream to become a professor. I have given up everything so far and switched to Cryptos 😀

  3. Word on the street is alt coins going to zero. “It’s over” they say. Me thinks this emotion sets up well for buy opportunities. When your friend says alt coins are dead, you must buy alt coins.

  4. Warren Buffet lunch with Justin Sun and Charlie Lee due next week.

    There is a theory that Łitecoin has been leading the market both up and down over the last few months. 🐬

    It will be interesting to see if this continues now that the Łitecoin August mining reward halving is closing in and the Miami Dolphins partnership 🏈 news has just been officially released to its fans.

  5. Idiots shilling for SV and defending it in face of evidence are the same special kind who shilled Bitconnect to the end. Remember ? Yea.. and they'll get rekt the same way

  6. So.. did that billionaire buy BTSV??? The one looking for 52% BTC…. the other observation is WTF that much data sent through BTSV and it increased in value that muchholy poopthink ….. no …. think……. that’s a lot of power…. computational and pretty damn profitablecase usetheir you go

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