Bitcoin: When $10K?

Bitcoin: When $10K?

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Disclaimer: I am not a financial adviser and this is not financial advice.

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  1. Back in 2017 my son who got me into this & i thought ourselves lucky to buy a Bitcoin for under $10,000 AUD. Won't tell you how much i paid for my second "OUCH". Have faith people this world of Crypto is still scratching the surface of it's potential.
    Have a great day Mr Lark

  2. GOT wow that's a downer. save it till evening then unconscious an hour later.
    Game of thrones basically became like the real world in the end . no real as in violent. real as in borning and everyon gets crappy jobs and never sees each other again. then maybe have kids and start gardening.

  3. You people need to understand that the SCC is having a hard time accepting CRYPTO ETF"S because they don't understand how the new technology of BITCOIN, BLOCKCHAIN and CRYPTO work in general..

  4. "historically in the past" is a redundant phrase. "historically" or "in the past" are adequate by themselves. This message brought to you by the council on grammatical excellence and the grammar nazi society.

  5. What the hell happen to the ending of GoT?? The whole plot just died.. did they just run out of material and wrote the script in a week? Shit!!! Anyway nice crypto video. And yeh Ether is about to break. Probably gonna hit the 500ish in few weeks or months. OMG GoT.. cheers

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