Can $100k BITCOIN be the NEW $10k? CARDANO Shelley Upgrade, MAKERDAO, BINANCE, NEO – Crypto News

Is $100,000 Bitcoin the new $10,000? Billy is also looking at Cardano launching Shelley testnet, MyEtherWallet stepping into decentralized finance with MakerDAO interegration, banks needing Ripple now that Zwift is entering blockchain, the first stablecoin on Binance DEX, and More Altcoin Updates.
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#Bitcoin : Could 100K Be New 10K?

#Cardano Launches Staking Testnet for Long-Awaited Shelley Upgrade

Cardano Launches Staking Testnet for Long-Awaited Shelley Upgrade

MyEtherWallet Steps Into Decentralized Finance With MakerDAO Integration

Banks Need #Ripple while Swift gets into Blockchain

Banks Need Ripple’s xRapid to Compete with Facebook’s Libra

Binance DEX welcomes its first stablecoin—StableUSD

NEO News: Week in Review – June 10th – June 16th

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  1. My portfolio recommendation (just my opinion)
    Btc – 50%
    Eth – 12%
    Nex – 10%
    Neo – 3%
    Icx – 3%
    Ltc – 3%
    xrp – 3%
    bnb – 3%
    iota – 2%
    enj – 2%
    bat – 2%
    wax – 2%
    agi – 1%
    kmd – 1%

    Again this is not financial advice, just the advice I gave my brother. My portfolio has a higher % of nash (nex) than btc actually, it's been doing well.

  2. BTC = USD $ 11006.64 – US !!!

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    self doubt kill..Take the risk

    Cheers and Good luck.

  3. Lets not rush it was 3,300 just 5 months ago irrational exuberance is not needed at this time I would say that 1,500 per month average gain is more than enough that would get us right past 20 k by years end I’m good with those type of gains.

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