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Reasons I use only this exchange
1) according to mine study it is the safest exchange till now I found which keeps 95% of all funds in cold storage !
2) while trading on this exchange you can earn there native token called wazirx coin ( wrx ) which can worth huge in future ! And you get various benefits by holding wrx ! ( The more you trade , more you win !)
3) wazirx is available on all platforms including iOS Android desktop etc !
4) it’s fees is lowest till date even then binance !
Steps to join
1) simply sign up using above link !
2) now verify yourself and remember your login details
3) now you can download wazirx mobile application for Android -
4) you can use in whatever way you want !

We don’t earn much from this channel ! And focus only on spreading awareness and knowledge about cryptocurrency ! Hence we have to depend on donations from our community ! You can donate us !

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