Is BITCOIN Price Stalling, What NEXT? Manage CRYPTO PortfolioBTC Technical Analysis

Are there concerning signs on the Bitcoin chart indicating that a pullback may be coming? Mark will walk us through what he’s seeing on the charts for the short term.

He’ll also have a “bonus” feature at the end to show you how to set up Hodlbot step-by-step if you want to set up a portfolio that automatically rebalances for you.

Mark is an active trader on the ACB team and a technical analyst. He is not a professional financial advisor. You should do your own research before investing and should never invest more than you can afford to lose. He also suggests listening & looking at many different perspectives to formulate an opinion.
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  1. Hello Mark, I have a question.
    In February of this year I had 3.0 Bitcoins worth of top 3 alt coins like Eth, Ltc and XRP. at the time and a 0.5 bitcoin. which they were worth somewhere around 12,000.00 USD. with the price of bitcoin today I have only 2.04 BTC woth of alt coins but they are worth 23,100.00 USD now.

    I was hesitant at the time and basically didn't know what to do! I wanted to exchage them for botcoin but did not expect BTC to go wild again that soon. Am I missng something? should I be concerned?

  2. Why bitcoin can’t just grow normally? Why it has always be this parabolic bullshit followed by a year of bear market? And every time people are like “yea ! This is great!. And then they lose their asses. This is already a third time, I am starting to get tired of this . I think this time I might actually sell it and forget crypto.

  3. 60% domination cue ball! It will be soon for the 20,000 dollars a course and people will jump from the cue ball into the alto. I recommend KARBO and REMME. The flight will be high in them! Good luck to all! 👍✌️💪

  4. Bitcoin at 10,000 has market cap around 120 billions. So please see that it is very much possible for Bitcoin reach 20000 or more as the stock market correction will be more then 2% and there will be also money from institutions coming to Bitcoin. I just think BTC will succeed & I think Savys targets will hit; just as they have all year. Mr Churchillal’s is at the forefront currently at guiding people from beginners to experts on how to trade with no doubt of winning using his signals. I read about him in a crypto group and upon contacting him, he gave me access to his trading system and i have been able to grow my little 2btc to over 5btc's in just 2 weeks. I’d suggest you seek Mr Churchillal’s for assistance immediately and get hooked up to his strategies and signals.. You can reach him on *Email ( Churchillalfred8@Gmail ) or via Telegram: +1(813) 421 4693

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