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  1. They just cleaning up the newbies makin sell off b4 da boominthe calm before the storm strong gonna win weak gonna lose name of the game buy high sell low 😉😂

  2. I like the fact that Charlie Lee does pump the coin. We should let the technology move the coin and not hype because someone is pumping it up. I like the Lee’s integrity. He is not trying to pump and dump.

  3. Would someone tell Charlie Lee to stop talking about LiteCoin price regardless of what he thinks? Just avoid the question all together Charlie Lee! Every time he says something about price or (sells – 2016) it affects the price for everyone else (usually negatively). As the creator of LiteCoin people give his opinion on price merit but the truth is he doesn’t know what the price is going to do any more than any of us (he’s not a whale that can manipulate it). But because he says something it makes it happen because enough people think he’s smart and they should listen….. LiteCoin will never go above 2% of Bitcoin as long as he keeps talking price, it will be less and less of a % of Bitcoin…. I encourage him to keep up all other LiteCoin promoting, but he needs to stop talking anything about price!!!

  4. Charlie Lee is okay with me. im sure most of you know he was a part of Google's rise, as well as Bitcoin, and Coin Base. one of smartest men on the planet!
    there's a method to his madness,.. how many of us wished we had listened to his predictions in 2017?!! 🤣
    (maybe he's giving us another free head's up) 🤔

  5. A lot of what Charlie Lee said is misrepresented and taken out of context. He said similar 7/8 months ago. Still point taken. For marketing info see below.

    Chief Łitecoin evangelist is ExMMA fighter John Kim 77 – On OKEx ŁTC Asian tour at present

    Also check Oscar nominated Film Producer Kyle Tekiela (aka Common Enemy), LItecoin Foundation Director David Schwartz (aka DaddyCool), UFC top 5 fighter Ben Askren, and Chicago Fire and USA international CJ Sapong.

  6. What Charlie Lee said made perfect sense to me. Everyone knew the halving was coming. Its obvious that LTC would be priced in before the actual halving date due to the hype. And once its over, LTC will dump. Bottom line: I dont think Lee actually cares what price point LTC is at. He wants adoption and awareness. This is why I believe in Charlie Lee.

  7. Litecoin is not moving because the move in BTC is almost exclusively caused by Teth and BFinex trying to squeeze as much as they possibly can while they still can. You wait until the legal stuff unfolds and the plug gets pulled and then you’ll get the real bottom. Maybe it’s the case that CL knows but can’t say directly? In any case, if you like crypto, you definitely want this to happen. You see the less scum in the crypto space, the better for everyone. Yes, volatility is sexy, but not when this space is polluted with criminals left and right. Let the shit hit the fan, get regulators to look at this carefully and then you’ll get adoption. But remember that adoption requires less volatility too.

  8. Why bullshit the troopssay it like it is. Litecoin needs its creater to say it like it is nothing more nothing less. Charlie Lee is the man for the job otherwise its all bull with no pull.

  9. I agree with what you say Chris,big 🐳 money people wants to scare small investors to sell of their litecoins and when the price goes down they will buy in,these people out there trying to kill off the small fishes,
    So don’t fall for the lies,I am still believe in Litecoin,this coin has so many people believe in,I bet Litecoin will soon see $180-$240

  10. Absolutely agree with you, Chris. The people who create & innovate the technology are not necessarily the ones who can best communicate the value of a project to the public. I see it over & over again in interviews. People are trained & skilled in tech, just as people are trained & skilled in the art of public speaking. A good spokesperson is someone who can support & convey the underlying technology & value to constituency without alienating the audience (public) with excessive tech-speak. In addition, speculating on price, rank/market cap, and the valuation of other projects is important to avoid appearing unprofessional and/or biased.

  11. Charlie Lee is a humble Entrepreneur, Humbleness leads to successIrrational Pumping gets you the guys that promote BCH and BSVwhich I guess is fine if your into that. Thanks for the great videos Chris. Always learning with you. Followed you after I found out you also had the Chat Patterns Encyclopedia.

  12. I agree regarding CharlieFor sometime my intuition has said that Bitcoin and Litecoin are tied into a government plan and they need to suppress the excitement until they are ready. He may have sold at the top because the puppeteers didn't give him a choice. Digital currency is no accident. It was well planned for decades.

  13. 3:40
    Regarding Charlie Lee, i think he does it intentionally so that when LTC does properly get adopted and the price starts flying, no one will accuse him of foul play or insider trading and all the rest of it. He downplays things which i think is smart because it also eliminates unnecessary hype with crazy pump and dump. He wants to see organic growth, and like you said, adoption and proper use cases. He doesn't have to say "Told you so" when things shine, it will just be real world value of the protocol that he helped create. Thats my 2 Satoshi's on this subject Chris.

  14. You said it yourself chris great thing happening with ltc and adoption !! I personally dont want someone running around like a car salesman pushing adoption im happy with charlie as is , cool calm and does not do bullshit

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