LITECOIN BREAKING OUT!! HOW HIGH CAN WE PUSH? 175 POSSIBLE?! KEEP YOUR EYE ON THE VOLUME! MY TARGETS! Stay cautious of 5% failures + false breakouts!!

Not Financial Advice!
Entertainment only!



  1. Too bad it was a false break out. It's been a wild ride going up past my buy in and then going way under it and then back up and down. lol. Hopefully done day, we will get a real break out. It's been stuck in the $140's forever.

  2. Knew I should have traded my LTC for BTC when LTC pumped and hit .018 BTC. I got greedy and I was hoping LTC would reach .03 BTC like it did during last halving but not so sure now because BTC is now out pacing LTC 🙁

  3. Volume dropped in the buy column. Past 2hrs huge volume in the sell column. I think it needs to have a couple more chances at topping the 144-146. I took "some" profit at 146..before the mkt dropped into the 137 rangebefore settling at around 140+….Looking good!

  4. I believe it's going to break out soon. Hard to say it's breaking out when it's only up in USD because the value of a Satoshi is higher. When the LTC/BTC chart turns around, then we'll see a breakout!

  5. Thanks again. an amazing book I picked up this week: street smarts. hope you could use this as advice.

    Do you guys think it is FOMO now and it is too late to buy in? I simply don't know What to do

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