MASSIVE Bitcoin News Coming Tuesday? – Recap of 60 Mins | Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency News

Explosive news coming Tuesday? Let’s discuss and also recap 60 mins.

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  1. I don't hear anyone talking of the IPO of Uber and the insane profits that are being booked by the early investors there. Do you think this is contributing to the bid that is currently under bitcoin? May 10th IPO date of UBER, Bitcoin went from 6200 to above 8000 in 3 days. I'm thinking this could be called the Bitcoin-UBER rally. After the April 2nd Big order event we had what looks like a nice organic uptrend develop. After UBER's IPO we had the parabolic pop followed by a persistent bid underneath. Could this be a catalyst to help sustain Bitcoin above 8k?

  2. there are seasoned youtubers deliberately putting that ideology about dumping gold and silver for cryptothats is asshole thinkingbut the sole reason they do this is to push bitcoin fever that they will get quicker gains.. a lot of POPULAR crypto youtubers are smaller whales in the game and use their followers to pump sales of BTC

  3. There are still 23 iq people buying shit like ripple and eos. Mike only has the perpective of a billionaire, he cant imagine people being so dense and stupid.

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