Most Bullish Event In Bitcoin Institution History!

Most Bullish Event In Bitcoin Institution History!

Disclaimer: I am not a financial adviser and this is not financial advice.

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  1. If u listen to this idiot u deseve to end up homeless!!!!!! Bakkt is bs and it is another futures market!!!!!! I am telling u right now it is all bs fake post by bakkt cause there is not one word from SEC about it!!!!

  2. @YouTube: Why do you limit the "thumbs up"?
    Shame on you.
    Do you have no trolls who could answer this question I am writing for the last few days?
    Shame on you again.

  3. Bitcoin is doomed.

    No major good news will save it from entering the 3 k range again.

    The suckers' rally has already ended.

    Good luck, bulls. You will need it.

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