XRP Price Predictions, Ethereum Laws, Litecoin Lunch, Facebook Marketplace & The Bulls Have Arrived

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  1. When you talk about 200 banks with Ripple , it is really not very much. Ripple is counting on SWIFT's business of cross border payment to take over . That means you have to compare with SWIFT and SWIFT has over 11000 financial banks and institutions . According to Ripples , daily volume of XRP is about $575 million, where SWIFT's daily cross border volume is over $600 billion per day . SWIFT does 1000X more volume per day . There is a very good reason why the price of XRP is low . Funny part is that SWIFT's cross border payment is growing at at 12% a year. XRP may become successful but not likely any time soon . The value is not there but price could deviate significantly due to FOMO and be sure to book your gain at appropriate price level . Everyone must figure out their own price level to exit . Be objective and do not fall in love with XRP or any currency for that matter .

  2. If someone wanted XRP to be $10, it would have been $10 by now. I get its use case. But when was the last time ANY financial institution, like a bank, allowed anyone bet themselves to benefit? If XRP is for banks or big institutions, it will never moon.

  3. Cryptos can be felt in a different way than before, what it is? I can't say, but it's going to be bigger than we have ever seen before, especially ltc, xrp, and big daddy btc, ..

  4. such bigggggg partnership with money gram and the price the samesorry for all u bag holders who fomo in at $3 its just another useless shit cointhe partnership is with the company XRP NOT the shit coin rippleshould have bought money gram instead of ripple u would have made more money

  5. What amazes me is that a coin that is being produced promoted exploited is still at 40cents and many other top coins are well over a hundred getting a third of marketing and usage space!!

  6. Finally someone says how it is. Why the hate for Ripple? Whats wrong making money? I never understood those "crypto hippies". "Bankster coin" etc. As long as it makes me money, I don't care where they come from. With the financial backup and contracts with powerful banks all around the world, they are not playing around. 99% of altcoins are all fluff and phantasy. XRP works already! And they will deliver. I even made a video about it. Check it out and see why it is time wasting, bashing on coins or why it is wrong being emotional in crypto!

  7. TMI asking that Ripple release good news more often?….it's been 1.5yrs of good news for Ripple and the market in general and it's done nothingwhy the hell would you want good news to be released if it has no positive effect?

  8. yes sure MI all institution money is coming to cryptobut make no mistake they come in to make profit which means buy and SELL……big…., yo do not want to come late to the sell wave….

  9. In four year's time TMI will be in his million dollars house and wont be broadcasting on YouTube anymore. And we'll be reviewing this very vid where he said (pretty much) I told you so.

  10. MoneyGram can't afford the business model that crypto uses. They have too much overhead and are trying to stay relevant.
    it's like buggy whip maker's saying they have a new snappier buggy whip that will make your horse go faster.

  11. The future is here with Ripple/XRP. Gotta fill the bag then waiting for the explosion!!! I am really in love Ripple/ Money Gram announcement and Ripple/Banks and Government will be next!!

  12. Jesus got angry and violent only once as is told in the Bible. This anger was directed to bankers (money changers charging interest rates). I will never support a banker’s coin. Don’t bother responding this is not debatable.

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