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  4. Good day, if you you wish, take a look at Google wallet, run for about two years. I play with this, to send money to my son. By Gmail, it work, Google sent a magnetic card that was with Master card to use as a debit system. Was trying at the same time to buy btc on Mt. Got. Should research more on bitcoin, than with Google wallet.

  5. Great stuff!
    I love the history,,,,, in that vain would you consider doing an in-depth on the DAO attack on Ethereum? Stuff like exactly what the dapp was and why people used it and what happened,,, what was the weak spot etc.

    I love your no nonsense analysis of topics!

  6. I love how The BTC Pizza guy's daughter couldn't wait to grab a slice. Fast forward 20 years and she will be calling her father dumb for not saving the BTC so she could travel the world and buy tons of crap.

  7. Thanks for the vid!
    If you're comfortable with any of this, Please share your asset distribution percentage in crypto as well as banks, stock market, real estate, etc.
    I respect your financial savvy and it will give me a goal to strive towards.

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