Big news concerning Binance and their plans on blocking US customers from Why are they doing this and are we all screwed? Take a look.

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  1. The FCC or the SEC or the BLA BLA government agency (no matter which letters or acronyms precede it's name) are all the same thinga group of tyrants who threaten peaceful people from interacting with one anotherand they do so with threats of guns and cages and theft of our property. That is what every living human being should realize. We need to understand this one ultimate fact…. We OWN OURSELVES. We also own the product of our labor. Governments are already stealing our private property through what is playfully called "taxes" but that is what amounts to STEALING and EXTORTION under the threat of violence and kidnapping (putting you in a cage if you do not comply with their theft of your personal property.) …..SO…… now we have found a new way NOT TO BE STOLEN FROM by using crypto and by remaining privately anonymous in our interactions -as is our personal right to do so-. All transactions/interactions in life are and should be VOLUNTARY, and are between person A and person B. The governments and regulatory agencies (a playful name for violent enforcers of politician scribbles) are what we would call person C. Person C is an interloper. Person C is a tyrant. These personal voluntary transactions you and I participate in during our lives are between (us) person A and (someone else) person B. So we must always recognize the fact that Person C (the government enforcer) is an INTERLOPER. Person C is a thief. Person C is trying to make the false claim that THEY own your labor, and property. They are claiming that they have a greater claim on you and your property and your life choices than YOU DO. Is that a true thing for them to claim ??? NO. It is a disgusting blatant LIE. This is a violent and immoral action. No human being should tolerate it. We should also recognize that we have the human right to privacy. All of these truths stem from our self ownership. Other people do NOT own us, nor our property, or our actions, or our peaceful and voluntary interactions with others. We should all learn these truths and do everything we can to protect both our privacy and our property from these TYRANTS and THIEVES. If what I am saying sounds 'harsh' to you, please try to accept the fact that you may have been raised by the school system, the government, and your piers (family/friends/co-workers) to believe things that simply are NOT true. You may have been brainwashed (for lack of a better term) into believing that others have a greater claim on your life and property than you do. They DO NOT. No other person owns you, or has a greater claim on you than YOU. No other person has a greater claim on your labor, time, property, or decisions than YOU DO. These people are writing down things on paper that are immoral and trying to pass them off as 'for your own good' or 'for the good of society' or because they are trying to 'protect you'. These are all LIES. Lies told by evil men to try to steal what is yours and control your life. You life is yours and yours alone to live. If you doubt meread this free book about human rights at Mark Passio's website. All the human rights material on that website is free. It is the greatest book ever written on human freedom. It will DE-program your mind and heart from the lifetime of total BULLSHIT that you have been fed…. Good luck to all of you, and may we all find a way to make our world truly free again.. . You (the video maker) asked if I thought what the government is forcing Binance to do is ok or fair? NO. It is completely EVIL and none of the government's damn business. It is an act of tyranny. If this were occurring 200 years ago during the revolutionary war era against England, and they told us what we could and couldn't doour answer would be what was written in the declaration of independenceI suggest that all of you google that document and read it right now. I know you "think" you remember what it saysbut I can assure you that you have forgotten. Read it RIGHT NOWand when you finish crying tears from the words written there, you may begin to wake the hell up again.

  2. THIS IS GREAT NEWS!! People should not be allowed to trade these scammy sh+tcoins by law. You should not be allowed to short any crypto. Retail buyers should only be allowed to buy it, not short it, and only the top 10 or so for safety sake. All these wannabe traders losing their asses trading at home living in their mom's basement, pumping n dumping number 897 on coinmarketcap with no liquidity etcIf you want the world to take this space seriously, that crap has to stop asap. Thanks SEC, and thanks Binance. This all has to stop.

  3. If we don’t trade but hold can we continue to hold or still move to another exchange? I hold my BTC Eth, TRX, Ripple on a ledger and all my other alts I hold on binance

  4. This is BAD news for coins that solely rely on Binance and aren’t US based , But lets how that there would be a
    Binance America coming ,
    Do I believe in Crypto? Yes. But it's because the government created it, and is going to use it to be the next fiat. The old fiat is dying and they need a replacement.Crypto is perfect because they can monitor our every purchase.They are going to win again. So I want to purchase some more Bitcoin in advanceand bet on the side that always wins. That is a pretty safe bet, although I was able to increase my 2btc to 10Btc in the space of 1month with the help of Walter Aarav who is a Pro Trader and has been helping Novice crypto investors showing them ways to trade their Bitcoin, he is down to earth and always ready to serve, I made profits, and it was worth it. Y'all can reach out to him through His Mail (Waltertrading10 @yahoo. com) you should try this out.

  5. Us regulatory bodies do not like Binance. CZ knew he was not meant to have US customers but he still served them. I wouldn't be surprised if the US take him to court in relation to this!

  6. this is the 2nd time I have to bail on binanceI just sold every single alt. I will only own the top 4 from now on. done. PHUCK ALTS. I hope binance fails miserably. they will never got a dollar from me again.

  7. If Facebook does launch a global coin, this will deep 6 the rest of those ultra shitcoins, like Tron, EOS, Cardano, etcBTC, ETH, LTC, and Facebook coin will be the only ones left to thrive. Look forward to it!

  8. Guarentee Binance IEO service is what helped in Binance decision making process to ban U.S. Citizens. SEC doesn't want another ICO issue and Binance doesn't want the liability

  9. This is going to be great for litecoin. Now instead of spreading my large cap alt stash across litecoin and bnb, it's just going to be litecoin.

  10. Good! Maybe investors will now leave and flood into the main ones like BTC, ETH, and LTC? These damn alt shitcoins are like a ball and chain around the neck of the coming massive bull run.

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