Is bitcoin going to $13,400 price target soon or is this recent bull market just a setup for a HUGE bulltrap down to $3,000? I will answer these questions in addition to taking a look at whats going on in the cryptocurrency markets and sharing the latest crypto news today.

Crypto Market Today 1:33
Market Psychology 2:25
Bitcoin Price Targets 3:58
Massive Bull Trap 6:09
Bitcoin NVT Signal 7:22
What I’m Doing 8:12

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  1. Crappy TA dude. Just wanted to troll you Randal. My TA would ensure I lost my BTC in a second.

    But seriously I've stopped buying as I have no idea what's happening next. But the market feels greedy with FOMO ATM so just taking a breather from putting more fiat in (might even just take a few bucks out of the game soon). Goes up, I win, goes down I'm buying the dip. Great times people!

  2. Hiya, I love watching your videos, I think you’re a bit naught but nice, you brighten my day. As for crypto’s, I’m new so could you tell me how you do it from beginning to end please, like E.g., you see the Mac’s d cross Ofer on daily, transfer some dosh from monarch to an exchange, buy bitcoin with a leverage? And sell again when macd crosses again?? Then withdraw or transfer back you monarch? I’m a bit confused with the terminology so as you are doing so well, could you spell it out for me pls in layman’s terms. Thanks in advance xx

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  4. Bro TAs all wrong
    The nvt can stay maxed out for weeks but once is turns yes we can go down 80% but don’t trade based on nvt we been maxed out since we were at 4K and now we are at 11k so it can stay up there for weeks


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