Bitcoin Price DUMPWhale Manipulation?🐋

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► Coinbase FIAT
► Binance FIAT = 35002320
► Binance Altcoins = 16553332
► Bitmex Фјучерси
► Deribit Фјучерси & опции

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► TradingView = 2&aff_id = 12.339

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► Леџер
► Trezor = 1164

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► CryptosteelООП = 517

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► 12vg29zgveAqm31yiUrL9kM2ANmYMFaA93

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  1. Sunny hello! I would like to ask you 1 important question. I watch your videos and see technical indicators from trading view, like 20 MA , 50/100 MA as different parts. THen i just fail to find them among other indicators. They are more like 20/50/100/200 (long and complex). Also there are other different indicators you use and drawings (like blue wave that indicates bitcoin inflation/supply). I cant find these as well. As you are doing some advanced tutorials lately, can i ask you please to make one tutorial on most popular indicators, where to certainly find them and cover all other interesting and important TA aspects (like this blue wave and how to make OR tensor charts (when important). THANK YOU.

  2. Are there any sites that sell Bitcoin at a lower price if you buy in bulk?
    I want to buy over $100.000 worth but would like to buy at the lowest price possible. Any help would be great, thanks.

  3. Heej Sunny, a tutorial for the nano would be nice, maybe you can put some link in your next video of someone else's tutorial or site's were you got your information from
    (no need to reinvent the wheel or do what someone else has already done).

    Love you contend and watch everything, keep up the good work.

    Greetings from the Netherlands 😀

  4. Sunny, you turned $400 into 2 BTC!!! Looks like I need to watch your Bitmex tutorial and learn about leveraged trades.

    I felt something wasnt quite right when watching the charts the other day so I sold my BTC at $8300 on Coinbase. 24hrs later we saw this drop. I was expecting a moderate correction not a 15% payday! Making a profit is nice but what really feels good is knowing im honing my pattern recognition skills.

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