Crypto Market Sees Solid Green! Ethereum, Monero, Ripple, Tron!

Bitcoin Price being bullish brings attention to Altcoins and #Ethereum has hit new 10 month all time highs. In this video Billy updates you on Ethereum, #Ripple, Tron Stablecoin, and Monero.

ETH Hits 10-Month High as Crypto Markets See Solid Green

Banks Need Ripple’s xRapid to Compete with Facebook’s Libra

Banks Need Ripple’s xRapid to Compete with Facebook’s Libra

Tron announces the launch of stablecoin TRXD on its blockchain

Tron announces the launch of stablecoin TRXD on its blockchain

Monero (XMR) Surges 25.3% As Developers Crackdown On ASIC Miners

Monero (XMR) Surges 25.3% As Developers Crackdown On ASIC Miners


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  1. Becoming a big fan of Z cash. Similar protocol to Bitcoin with privacy features that can be disabled. Plus its listed on Coin base so I take it that Z cash meets SEC requirements. Don't hear enough chat about it but the more I research the more I like.

  2. Im happy to accept this as a "suckers rally" but where is the evidence? I can only base my investment decisions on facts. The facts are very much stacked towards much superior fundamentals and infrastructure than it was last year and 2017. Looking at technicals and market cycle the evidence supports a bull market. However I accept no one ultimately knows but the probability of a 20K Bitcoin is the most likely outcome than the apparent 'final capitulation'. (Peter Schiff's views on fiat are valid though, he is just blinkered by gold)

  3. Always liked Peter Schiff too, but he's still blind to Crypto. I was a huge Bitcoin skeptic too, and thought exactly like Peter. But in March of 2017 when BTC exceeded the gold price, I thought to myself, I really need to look into this with an open mind and either reinforce that it's just idiots buying worthless digits, or that I missed something. Turns out, when I really looked into it and understood finally what Bitcoin was, I realized I had been wrong and that Bitcoin was revolutionary. Been a buyer and HODLer ever since.
    I would listen to Peter about gold, but never about Crypto.

  4. I told you guys back in March to screen shot Vidt now I'm telling you to screen shot Void token on the eth blockchain. Join the telegram. Community airdrop planned.

  5. I’ve been holding gold and silver for over 15 years and it’s been nothing but a disappointment due to price manipulation. In 2015 I sold it all for BTC!!! Best move I ever made.

  6. Peter Schiff has some good critiques on our economy of which everyone should be aware, but if you strictly listen to his idealistic rhetoric on goldbe it right or wrong, it will cost you money at times, and you will loose out on massive opportunities, like crypto; possibly one of the greatest opportunities of our time. Everything should be taken into consideration to make the right trades. Being rigid in idealism isn't a good strategy because you can't fight against what the markets are doing, or what the federal reserve is doing.
    People who are against cryptocurrencies have the most to lose if BTC succeeds. It's a very small market, but they can't stop themselves from trashing it. They must feel very threatened.
    It's like Blockbuster Video trying to tell you, why you should stay away from Netflix.

  7. The question you should ask yourself is wtf does xrp’s enterprise use and ripple’s business delaying have to do with you as a holder? You must belive that these enterprises will go to the regulation challenged crypto exchanges to buy xrp from you? Yeah sure thing.. how did these xrp’s get on exchanges?

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