New Study Shows Bitcoin Mining Is astonishingly GREEN and Environmentally Friendly

Bitcoin Mining has long been heralded by main-stream-media as a huge drain on the planets energy resources and will cause sea levels to riseWell, nothing could be further from the truth, as recent studies show that the Bitcoin networking and Bitcoin mining is powered by up to 77% renewable energy.

Why is this? Because Bitcoin mining is self-incentivised as a free market mechanism to encourage miners to seek out cheaper electricity to increase profit margins! Where do you get cheap electricity? Excess from renewable power sources, i.e. Wind farms, solar, and hydro.

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  1. And with the produced Heat of the Mining Rigs you can heat the entire Houses of Sibiria. Don't waste the Heatit can save a Lot of Gas and Oil. There is no Carbon Footprint of Bitcoin when People wake up!

  2. I don't agree with the science of 'climate change' anyway, but I'd be interested to know the carbon figure for the production, continuous redistribution, and recycling/destruction of all the world's fiat currency. I bet that's an astronomical figure.

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