QUICK LITECOIN UPDATE!! WE ARE AT A CRITICAL AREA! MY TARGETS.. CANDLES ARE GETTING TIGHT ON THE LOWER TIME FRAMES.. Quick message to my subs at the end. Be careful out here and make decisions for yourself.

Not Financial Advice!
Entertainment only!

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  1. Your the greatest !!!!Don't let money get in your head .You love the charts my friend ,as do I .But the money will come .You already know that I think.Trade like there is no money involved ,at all.We are all here with ya at 2 am 😁😁😁.You ain't alone

  2. Chris or anyone Can you Please tell me the best online site with alarms and set selling prices so I don't go crazy looking at the price of Litecoin 24/7 ? BTW, I'm on Pro Coinbase

  3. Hey Chris, the books you are reading are based on methods of traditional trading but yet this is a different animal correct? The volatility range is so much more dramatic from what I'm experiencing due to the nature of the beast. Very possible we could see another massive wick to only bring us to a new december 2017 higher low? BTW, love the videos!

  4. How is the charts looking momentarily on qtum again you still bullish on the charts from that last qtum video. Oh and absolutely love the litecoin videos heck I like them all can’t wait for next one!!!!👍🏻

  5. ‘When Lambo’ being replaced by ‘When Lexus’

    John Kim 77 has just signed up the Beverley Hills John Falk luxury Lexus dealership to accept Łitecoin payments 🏌️‍♂️

  6. Chris, I sold yesterday at $142 bought back at $134.50 & picked up 2-1/2 coins FREE! Thank you Sir
    I agree, You have Zero click-bait in titles. Just the truth on what you see. A+

  7. Thank you I’m a rookie i have learned a good deal with your videos like you said you don’t have a cristal ball somebody said invest what you willing to lose that s why I got my trusty coin….🤣

  8. You’re the only crypto YouTube channel I can rely on cuz everyone else is using clickbait titles like Litecoin will reach 500$ but you always give a non-biased analysis

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