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  1. No mater what good news and the biggest news that can ever happen to XRP ripple it will never go up, this is a coin that add the most biggest new of all crypto and of all time and it is still lagging like a shit coin, Guys !!! I am so sorry for my negativity but it is the pure truth, I have been holding thousand of them and I am always sad to see these news and nothing is happening the only time it when up to 3.80$ it because of bitcoin

  2. I can’t believe it went up only £0.01p! Which is great news for me as I will be accumulating even more in a weeks time when I’m paid! Literally half of my disposable income goes into crypto to Hodl and buy in the dips. I’m going to sit back and enjoy the ride which has been great this month be sure I diversified into coins that are in the top 20 and all doing well. Time to add to the XRP stack tho.

  3. I Live in Australia and today one of the biggest and most popular radio station opened up withe news with Facebook will be engaging in Crypto Currency for its site
    This is the first in 2 years have I heard anything to do with Crypto on the news

  4. I was hoping for Ripple to start aquiring companiesif they don't join youbuy them outsimple. I shall keep accumulating. Thank you TMI for the news.

  5. Eh Moneygram doesn't transfer 600 billion around the globe! Thats the entire amount of capital thats transferred with Western union being the largesttransferring 90 bil or so!

  6. At the moment doing more to MoneyGram shares than ripple
    It wasn't a coincidence that the partnership was released just before Facebook LibraIs Xrp scared to be eaten by Libra? Or more like " heywe are Too and here too and better….

  7. Want Ripple stock damnit!!!!!!! xCurrent is solid! But XRP is literally purchasing to force adoption after others said no after a trial…..Ripple needs to drop XRP and go to xCurrent.But then again XRP is keeping it funded as a private company

  8. never understood how some folks don't comprehend that its not possible for any digital asset to compete with XRP unless it has an all star team of heavy hitters with major connections playing ball in the halls of power on the global stage like RIPPLE too. its not complicated

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