The Bitcoin 1%, Binance US Launch, Ripple Regulatory Clarity & Crypto Delistings

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Comment (32)

  1. Rich people are gathering more than anyone else because the middle class and lower incomes are not buying. Of course they are, the question is whether we want to do anything about it. What can we do? Buy. As much as you can, as often as you can. Slowly, steadily, just keep buying. What people don't understand, and what people are not talking about enough, is the fact that Bitcoin and the other cryptocurrency coins and tokens will replace the existing monetary and financial system. That's the transfer of wealth, not from one generation to another, but from one system to another, one reality to another. One of the pivot points on the decision tree of whether human civilization will even EXIST in 50 years is whether this transition to a solid math based monetary system is allowed to go smoothly. My bottom line, buy a little bit every week without fail. the ups and downs today will be meaningless when 1BTC = $1,000,000 USD. And it's all downhill from there.

  2. This is the sore reason I'm more on XRP than BTC as most BTC now is controlled by few individuals ya idiots will just get spare changeBe wise not to buy something just for the hype…. Look on global adaption, I just gave ya a hint on things to come on the coming years….

  3. My one major concern with Bitcoin and, in turn, all of the other crypto coins, is that the banks and governments don’t really want it. Is it beyond the realms of possibility that the scams and hacks are orchestrated simply to destroy public confidence in Bitcoin?

  4. to buy digital assets you need money. No one left around with any money to buy it except the 1%. theyve saddled everyone with debt so they can just hold the price and wait it out. at least as long as the QE lasts

  5. Aust banks are in the shit moving forwardsgame plan is to get every ones $$$ into the banks for when financial crunch time happensthen they use public funds to bail em outta the shithence new rules regarding transactions in cash 10k or more is an illegal transactionBS – & govt sucks biggies

  6. Come on, don’t be so overdramatic. The Australian government is not penalising people for having a retirement fund, it’s penalising them for not diversifying their fund. You said yourself the limit is 90% in any one assethardly unreasonable. Especially when BTC is either going to $1 million or zeroI don’t see anything in the middle in five years time.

  7. Who is buying all the bitcoin? If 1% owns 80% of the bitcoin we better figure out who those owners are. This does not smell very good. I don’t own too much bitcoin but more than 98% of the population. Is the small amount of huge holders going to control this currency? Am I making any sense here? Just sayin.

  8. Just because "rich" people like you say are holding large amounts of bitcoin doesn't guarantee its going to go up. I spoke to a guy I know that works on wall street and he said large funds make "bad" bets as well. So just because the "rich" people are holding it doesn't guarantee anything. They are making a bet just like you. It might go down as well. Just keep that in mind.

  9. woooow, haaaaa LMAO!!! You painted a picture in vivid color And then put a frame of solid oak and goldleaf, as far as Putting in perspective the idea of the Australian government issuing fines for people (or fudiciaries), who make attempt at retirement savings.

    They innocently commit the error of not diversifying. But True guidance, true leadership Would be a Memo or documentation saying 'hey, Here's a few things that might be a better idea i.e. diversification.

    When a government or an authority punishes Good behaviour (maybe not 'the best best best ' way to go about retirement savings…),they should not be surprised when, then soon after, that same populous engages in scams and Ponzi schemes, Fit! why even bother with retirement.

    TMI If I had access or the time I would Send the Link to this videoTo the firms That are in jeopardy of being fined.
    This would help then bring to light how ridiculous their opponents T(he Aussie governmentIs being).

    Always great Prospective and understanding. thank you for sharing your thoughts.

  10. In your last video you talked about Altered Carbon. Good show. I think the movie Elysium, set in 2150, is a more accurate depiction of the future. Those with the most Bitcoin when the last Bitcoin is mined will be allowed.

  11. Collation of votes on all individuals who agree that TMI should write and publish a book on all his insights, knowledge on crypto. I bet it will be the no.1 bestseller on the market.

    TMI please all the videos are great, but kindly put them into writings so future generations will know all that transpired and the various transitions we went through.

    Hit the👍button if you agree

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