Altcoins have been lagging as Bitcoin leads the recovery. Today I’m going to share when I think altcoin season is coming back and the Bitcoin tells the story.

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  1. I'am in it for the long run.Many Alts will rise very quickly and people will be caught off guard, and I already see it moving up. . I don't know about you but I did not buy in the all time highs,did I take hit when it went down yes but I just kept investing all the way to the bottom most of my crytpos I bought in the all time lows, I bought as much as I could and I'am glad I did. My Alt Portfolio is up , I believe soon they will rocket. Sorry the Alts are better investment in the long run than BTC,.Lite coin is a better investment than BTC, if you bougt Ltc at this recent bottom your smiling ear to ear.My biggest investment is XLM and Theta because I believe in the projects. Many people just don't understand these Decentralized Networks will take over many Data driven jobs (whit collar jobs). it seems many people do not understand The Technology. Sorry to tell you people, These Decentralized Networks will take over many jobs that deal with large data and any job that a computer can do better. Blockchain Decentralized networks technology will create a trusted system, which will be the base software of the network then you put Smart applications on top of the Networks, this is called DApps This is the beginning of Large A.I. networks. I was talking to a friend of mines who works in computer networking and he told me that the The government is already using decentralized applications(Dapps), I was surprised. Anyway very soon people will be using these networks without realizing it.
    The Alts will be multiple Trillion dollar market caps in the near future.


  2. So many people I talk to, have no idea that they don't have to buy a full Bit Coin to invest. You can buy a fraction of a Bit Coin, with discipline, once a week and get a substantial, if not life altering investment. If a person committed to investing $50 per week, that would be $2650 for the year. If they started today (For Simplicity at $10000 per Bit coin) Divide 10,000 by $2650=3.77 or one third of a bit coin. If Bit Coin went to $20,000, one-third of 20,000 is $6666, three times return of 2650 invested. If you learn the Art of Hodl and Bit Coin achieves the predicted $333,000You have made just over $100,000.

    The lessor Alt Coins will never survive. So many will sell their positions to get a fraction of Bit Coin. There will be only 10-15 survivors.

  3. Short squeeze would pump the marketnot drop itbuying back would fuel another possible run to another high. Am I missing something?
    Playing in the alt market can erode your balance sheetbefore the pump. Otherwise it can increase it tenfold to start if your timing in on.

  4. ive been in the seen a while but missed out 15-18 runs. You guys are so jaded from the bear market IT IS HILARIOUS how bearish you all are. lol ive been buying btc since double digits never made any money (mtgox) but when i heard btc was at 4000 me and everyone one else with bank was creating a coinbase account and back in just like that. That is why trends not showing new searches we created this shit. dont use google eithier lol. . It's the old guard come round after missing out on the speculation ( from the acid we bought in 2012 yeah was cheap) . Now we got our big boy pants on. see ya when btc donegone 100,,000k and beyond .

  5. George, as I stated over the weekend, BINANCE forced a margin liquidation when a trader was forced to cover their 2000 BTC short position at 10400. CZ tweeted out the liquidation earlier today. So, we are definitely seeing short squeezes – 2000 BTC is almost 21 MILLION dollars.

  6. Last bull market started at 23bln MCAP (Apr 17) and ended at 800bln end 2017. So that’s 35X. The alts started at 7bln and ended at 500bln (new coins introduced during bull too of course, so discount for that) ie. 62x. BTC went about 19X. Eth went 32X. XRP 169X. LTC 42X. Stellar 4000X. In theory, alts are the place to be. A lot of alts were veering sideways vs. BTC initially, BTC went 10X Apr-Nov 2017. Eg Stellar also did ‘only’ 10X during that period, but then 400X’ed at the end of the bullrun whereas BTC ‘only’ 2X’ed. Alts are therefore a patience game, with massive rewards in sight. Important to sell them on top though.

  7. George, unfortunately I remember holding NEO back in Jan. 2018 at around $196 !!! That's right, $196 !!! Believe it or not, it was $0.16 before the rebranding, 9 months prior (April, 2017). I owned over 38k worth of NEO at an avg. cost of $98 and "HODL"ing cost me mightily as I finally gave up and sold it all when NEO dropped down to $45. :/

  8. So, you can't apply a date because we don't know when btc will hit ath. It could come quicker than expected but it might not. I did not expect 14 month bear mkt. Watch geo politics, msm news, alt news, you tube, gold, oil, stock mkt etc & have a balanced portfolio; gold& silver miners, physical gold/silver, bitcoin & a lesser percentage of alts!

  9. I personally think alt coin season is going to take quite a while to get rolling because the retail investors and not driving this current bull run like last time. This time it is wall street buying.


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