New Bitcoin Record, Mt Gox Delays, China Mining Madness & IMF Boosting Global Economy

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Comment (43)

  1. Hang on a minute, I thought Bitcoin was fabulously decentralised. Aren't they always screaming it from the rooftops? And some of these people wear it like armour. So if China, who control over 70% of  Bitcoin mining and hash rate, decide to pull the plug. Where does that leave Bitcoin? So much for decentralisation eh? If they do it, that will wake some of you up. Not calling some of these people delusional or anything … but if the cap fits.

    You could argue, this is why the entire world will not run on Bitcoin. The West will seriously oppose any currency controlled, manipulated or held to ransom by communist police state China. Good luck with that.

  2. It's because Ny sucks, the governor is a money hungry, power hungry biggest piece of shit there is. Probably because he cant control crypto or the people using it. I could go on forever for what a piece of s*** he is this is just not enough time. Just a couple examples though you just banned plastic bags, you can't buy more than I think a 20 oz drink because it's got too much sugar, like I said I could go on

  3. The Rothschilds are behind XRP. Mining will be banned in China 100%. Btc will be crippled by high electricity costs. Btc already has 10 million outstanding transactions still waiting to be completed and people talk about btc as a worldwide payment system lol. Visa processes 50,000 transactions per second. Btc only 4 transactions per sec.

  4. China mining ban is also good news … because it is unfair for us outside of China to mine BTC, China has cheap electricity. it is unfair. I hope and pray that China should BAN mining

  5. please, read my comment for ONCE! , buy a humidifier, when you talk for hours with your friends you are fine because there is enough humidity in the air, when you're recording you start coughing because the air is too dry to talk for a long period of time

  6. Video good in California. Please explain in your next video why your video was blocked to half your fans- disturbing.

    I hang on every word

  7. If any existing crypto was used by the Fed, they would for sure do a complete reset of that particular coin. They would never allow all of us to own a number of these coins. They will want control over all of them right from the start and sell them back to us at a greater cost at a later date. So I believe a new coin would be created. Probably the Phoenix (?) Stay tuned.

  8. If China does do this, which I highly doubt…. It will mean BTC mining will get more expensive…. That means BTC price goes up. It will also make BTC less Centralized, so let them make it illegal… If they do it if they don't, it is a small matter….

  9. A communist country not giving a decentralized currency that takes power away from the central government the light of day, how shocking. I understand that China is a big market but it’s not one crypto believers should look to for guidance.

  10. As one of the MtGox claimants, I disagree with the logic that if the claimants get their BTC there will be a huge selloff. Anyone who had the foresight to buy into Bitcoin pre-2014 is also smart enough to know to not crash the market by dumping all of their BTC at once. So while many MtGox claimants/plaintiffs may sell a small portion of their BTC (God knows they deserve some sort of profit after all this time), and a few might sell off most-to-all of their BTC, I believe the vast majority of claimants will continue to hodl. I sure am. This is why I am actually okay with an outside party keeping me from doing something stupid with my admittedly small amount of BTC, when in a couple of years even that small amount will most likely be worth a fortune (or at least, an amount that is a fortune to a working class guy like me).

  11. Just received an email from Bitmart and Bittrex that says i have 24 hours to remove my crypto drom theit exchange because of freakin NY regulations. My accounts will be deleted by tomorrow. SO UNFAIR

  12. Ok first off New York sucks when it comes to approving any crypto licenses to any company except Gemini and Coin base. But those 2 offer so little variety in the way of Altcoins that I have to use Decentralized exchanges to acquire less known lower cap coins. As far as the USA goes, God forbid their middle, middle lower and lower class citizens make any money for themselves to make a better financial future for their kids. And evryone wonders why they want to redistribute money in this country. Its crap like this that when the poorer people get a chance to do make money they prevent it. So sick of all this but i can still invest and have a method to cash out any crypto i need to but i have to go to other wallets and exxhanges to do so. This is 1 reason mass adoption is taking forever.

  13. If/when the stock market crashes you think “80%” of the money/people will go to bitcoin ?? I honestly do not understand everyone’s hype over bitcoin. For something to replace anything in any type of market it has to be better in every way possible than what existed before it. For example there’s a reason why solar power has not overtaken fossil fuels. Solar power may be more environmentally friendly but it always comes down to MONEY. Fossil fuels is still more scalable profitable. Once solar becomes more scalable and profitable it will become a more viable option as a source of energy.

    Same thing with bitcoin. If/when the market crashes why would governments/financial institutions/ wealthy families who have existed in the power structure for years even centuries relinquish control to fucking bitcoin. ESPECIALLY when it’s not even a better solution to other crypto. It’s slow at 10 tps (transactions per second). And takes 10 minutes to clear. Fucking visa/MasterCard process and average of 5,000 tps and can process volumes multiple times that number. And bitcoin is expected to use as much energy the WORLD uses today in the year 2020. It’s not very environmentally friendly.

    Why/how would bitcoin get adopted on a mass scale? Not even to mention the possible attacks that could take place or the fact the China does some 70% of the mining. Do you think other governments and financial institutions look at that and say “oh yea bitcoin is the way”

    If I’m wrong or missing something please somebody let me know. I just don’t understand why people think bitcoin is an actual viable option in the future to be some sort of one world currency.

  14. Have a look at fiatleak website and see how much crypto Us buys and how much Europe do and maybe then will make sense why Bitstamp got the license and Bittrex not among other reasons as well

  15. Sad reality about New York State is that political ideologies are holding back the progression of this new asset class IE Bitcoin. The Democratic political machine drove Amazon and multi- billions of dollars out of the pockets of the average New Yorker. Obviously they look at Bitcoin and all they think is pollution pollution pollution. Love or hate Donald Trump he is against the Federal Reserve and would in Essence be an advocate for Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies. Any constructive argument over this is definitely welcome!


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