1. Treasury yields down; dollar slammed by yuan today; Fed giving more free money to banks; trade war, Brecht. Perfect Storm for Bitcoin go to $1 Million in 2021

  2. George i was watching your channel the night btc dropped to 3500 and the ENTIRE time I knew btc was going to be a World Currency for the entire globe. Noone will be able to buy or sell without subjecting themselves to this system. That includes the banks primarily.

  3. Too conservative. I think we could see a hyperwave up for BTC to $60k by end of 2019 with a 85-90% dominance. Alts should pop shortly after that with BTC dominance dropping back into the mid 50% . Some alts should do 100x or greater. The BTC goes on another bull run to $1 million by end of 2020 on another hyperwave. Alts and institutional money will move nto BTC during 2020.

    Banks and elites are behind all this.
    You don’t have to read charts to know that it will rise and rise.
    It would surprise me not to see Bitcoin above 100ks in a year or two.
    This is not our hopeful gamble, it is their planned game.

    If you get rich with it don’t hang there, get out fast and move away from it.
    Buy gold, houses, open an activity, anything but don’t trust Bitcoin ’til the end.

  5. I think he might be talking about btc market cap at 1.5 trillion with a 40% dominance.. hence total crypto market cap of around approx 3.5 trillion.


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