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It can be easy to forget what this space is all about especially with all of the noise generated by attention seeking headlines and governmental interventions and the ever present question of when will cryptos be palatable for the masses. In my humble opinion, cryptocurrencies shouldn’t be palatable, they should seek to be disruptive and those who can recognize the value that those disruptive cryptos provide will use them to their advantage.
And that my friends is what being an early adopter is all about. Being able to recognize the value of something without needing to wait for validation by anyone else.

Obviously times are different now for anyone who is new to this space compared to 5 years ago. Times are different and the people are different. Before Bitcoin was launched, the best way to pursue hard money and hedge against the decisions made by the federal reserve or other central banks was to get your hands on physical precious metals like gold and silver. Holding physical gold and silver is always a good idea, but using those for everyday purchases isn’t exactly realistic. I don’t want this to turn into a precious metals versus cryptocurrency debate because they both have their strengths.
But I bring this up because Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies (not all cryptos are created equal, remember that.) But Bitcoin at least was created to build on top of those qualities that gold and silver have. For example, It has a total supply that is 100% known, predetermined and irrevocable. Additionally, the coins can be transferred in a peer to peer fashion without the requirement of a third party intermediary to verify the legitimacy of the coins being transferred. These two aspects mixed with the fact that these coins are completely digital cannot be counterfeited and secured with levels of cryptography are what make Bitcoin and other similar cryptocurrencies a logical next step in the evolution of monetary tools.

These are the types of attributes that early adopters of crypto are on the look out for. This is what gives them strong hands to hold for the long term and reap the benefits of being an early adopter.
My point here is this, if you are new in the crypto space, even now, you’re still an early adopter but only technically. Even though watching this video now is a great start and you should continue to pursue understanding in this space across many different platforms, I want to encourage you to think of being an early adopter as a mindset rather than an expiration date. Early adopters are often contrarians, independent thinkers who question everything but have learned which core values are important to recognize and will ring true well into the future.

Here are some things that I’ve learned from my time spent over the past 6 plus years in this crypto universe:

Decentralization is an attribute that can be applied on several different levels. When it comes to standing up against any entity be it governmental or corporate for whoever wants to impart their control, decentralization is one hell of a defense.

Platforms that have CEOs have bottlenecks that will lead them to sacrifice privacy of the end user it’s just a matter of time.

This one is just a good old life lesson that is always relevant and that is, actions speak louder than words. People love to announce future announcements in this space, it’s all just noise. Look at what’s actually being built, and how that reflects what they respect. Things removing third parties, and censorship, allowing for privacy and autonomy. These are the pillars of this crypto space. There is a lot of noise out there and you’re certainly free to participate in this space however you see fit, stick around long enough and you’ll begin to easily recognize what has real staying power.



  1. CT- you mentioned buying BTC the right way. Would you elaborate on that? I merely buy, transfer to ledger, and hold. I don’t wish to spend and HODL. Is there a better way? Dzięki. Any thoughts would be appreciated

  2. I'm not a professional trader. I'm 25 with 8 years involvement in block chain. I have earned hundreds of different crypto in various ICO and airdrops. My galaxy s10 is loaded with the essential trading apps, haven't used a computer since pre s9. I still don't even classify myself as an early adopter compared to some of my peers.

  3. I'm an early adopter. I bought BTC on Coinbase in 2013; Unfortunately I walked away from the crypto market in 2015 and returned in 2017 after the market prices surged in the summer. I still hope I can retire at 39 if the market rises in 2020. Have a wonderful day 🙂


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