Like. Comment. Subscribe. Another bites the dust, Coinbase UK announced they will be delisting security coin Zcash. Why are the regulators going after security coins?

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  1. They want to control you, tax is the excuse. Fear is the result, privacy is a right, fight for it or lose your freedom. Any privacy coin can be block from exchanges.. This is double for coins without privacy the difference is a smart coder(s) can create a desentralized exchange(s) then the government will only be able to block/track nonprivacy coins ie btc. Privacy coins will be around for the long run, they just don't want you to have them. They want them all and control of, because government needs secrecy to cover its evil, corrupt ways. Ie Epstein to name one dirt bag. Long privacy coins, xmr zec zcl cloak xzc zen etc.

  2. The whole point of cryptocurrency and cryptography is to be private. Zcash being delisted is a major sign that it is simply too disruptive to the existing financial system. Zcash will be extremely scarce in the next two years.

  3. This is such a bearshit!! We the people and the developers community should create a Decentralize World exchange that can never be taken down by any government in affiliate with its own decentralize stable coin to cashout and specialize on privacy coins to send a clear message to every government out there that We the People are not going to to take their bearshit no more!! Revolution Coin!!!!!
    Governments is a criminal organization that needs to be destroy!!!! We don't need an entity to rule over US!! We are more that they are!

  4. It's not a matter of "its a good thing or not" it's more when was this going to happen? Anyone holding privacy coins are playing with fire and may be left holding bags of un-tradable crypto in the near future.


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