Ripple 100 New Contracts, Litecoin Abandoned, Tron Unlimited Transactions & Crypto Clarity

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Comment (38)

  1. Hello TMI thank you for wishing me happy and incredible day and the beginning of each and every video however what would make my day must more incredible is if you start to announce the date at the beginning of your video thank you.😁🙊🤣

  2. Hey TMI, I know you are always looking for real working dapps. You have skimmed over Gods Unchained before but I really think you NEED to take another look. The beta is amazing and full release in October.

    If anyone is interested in trying the beta here is an invitation @t (it is awesome).

  3. Why does Bitcoin use Litecoin as a test network anyways? That is weak as fuck imo on Bitcoins part. If Bitcoin and the devs are so good they can run the tests on Bitcoin itself. This is the dumbest thing that exists in crypto. Bitcoin needs to buck up and do it for itself and not rely on Litecoin. Mentally retarted thinking.

  4. Charlie didn't say buy bitcoin before any sh*t coins. start telling truthful news or I'll be unsubbing. Used to like your videos. Going down hill like XRP lately.

  5. 15:40 AGREE 1000%!!!!
    There is simply way too much advanced tech in this space for BTC to be the one & only.
    Most projects will collapse, however the brilliant projects such as XRP – ADA – EOS etc are obviously being suppressed for the time being

  6. If Ripple is doing well, then people should buy shares in Ripple the company. XRP is not an equity for Ripple shares, the banks do not need to have the XRP that private holders have. So why does its price need to rise? It's just a transfer token.
    On the gvmts tracking payments for laundering, they will want to store ALL electronic funds transactions so they can use data science and machine learning to analyze patterns, so everything will be stored and monitored (big amounts and small amounts)

  7. I never bought Lite coin because he sold all his coins. It does feel abandoned. What’s the incentive for him to continue with the project? Altruism? Maybe he wanted to emulate Satoshi. Didn’t Satoshi abandon Bitcoin? Or, so it seems. Lite coin doesn’t seem that bad on second thought, but I’m still not buying it.

  8. They're wrong about the 100% of banks in India. The people who think this don't understand English well. There was a quote taken out of context that people jumped on that started that 100% rumor.

  9. Garlinghouse is so full of himself. Moneygram is Western Union Jr. except on life support which is why they were open to the XRP deal as a last ditch effort before shutting down. Libra has the infrastructure to become a juggernaut whether Garlinghouse likes it or not.

  10. Libra is a stable coin, let's not forget that. It's like comparing Tether and BTC, kinda doesn't make sense, because only 21 million of BTC. SO we would have to compare marketcap if it even gets there.

  11. Bix mentioned that in order for the Government to step away and relax the 25% capital gains tax and count LTC as a non taxable currency it can't have a majority Holder That's why Charlie liquidated. Im Hodling.

  12. I listen to your videos and they have helped me so much, i made a lot of money from Tron cause hype sells lol, so i sold all my TRX, now i only hold "THE TRINITY " "BTC, ETH & XRP" ! Please preach only about the Trinity and don't waste your time with every other junk out there! The truth is in the Trinity! "digital gold, smart contracts & real time settlements" if you look beyond that you are being miss lead by the money hungry projects that are eating away at your hard earned money! Keep up the good work!

  13. Agreed TMI. All the XRP news is great for Ripple the Company….happy for them…BUT it’s time to prove the worth of XRP. People say that Ripple don’t really care that people who own XRP want the price to rise and get rich…but if something doesn’t start to happen soon, people are gonna sell it, slam it online etc…bad press / negative sentiment will effect the Company….time to start showing IF XRP is a coin that’s going to grow or not.

  14. Comparing Ripple's signing contracts and Moneygram/Sbi just starting to use XRP/XRP low prices to Tron promising unlimited transactions [w/o it materilizing] and Litecoin having no new developements isn't the same thing, bc one is doing what it says and the others aren't. As for the low price, in my opinion i think it has more to do with supply, powerful players in business and government [slow walking regs] trying to slow down Ripple/Xrp tech which initially if the price wasn't supressed Ripple would've easily early on took over most of the payment industry. How? If the price was 100 dollars Ripple would have access to 5.5 trillion dollar war chest or billions to go along with the best technology [they could buyout wu]. So Ripple strategy is to share access to the escrow after building these relationships/partnerships worldwide so wihen the price goes up anywhere between Q4 and next year Ripple will no longer sell XRP so escrow will be accessible to everybody. Name me any world chaning new tech where the politics of slowing it down, suppressing it or not allowing one community based group one person to control it didn't occur?


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