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  1. The elites don't like crypto. It's very obvious. They like the fact that they can make loads of money off of it, and I think there are some within that bubble that want to do that. тем не мение, you have to imagine they don't like how blockchain empowers regular people. It gives a tremendous amount of power to those who spend the time building on a blockchain like Ethereum, EOS, Tron, Cosmos, так далее. and this can be done by anybody! There are no walled gardens and gatekeepers locking out certain people from creating wealthliterally anybody can build. It's not the investors they fear as much as the developers and engineers. People who will build revolutionary and disruptive software that governments can't keep up with. Cryptocurrencies are just the beginning. You have decentralized finance, NFTs and digital asset ownership, DACsdecentralized autonomous communities. EOS has a team called EOSDAC building the framework for anyone to create a token-based decentralized community that looks really promising.

    They're afraid of losing power and they know they have a system that isn't built for long-term success and when it collapses, people will be looking for alternatives.

    I believe it's governments and alphabet agencies hacking these exchanges. I've believed that for a while. Just keep your crypto off exchanges. Don't keep them on exchanges for extended periods of time. People just like the feeling of not having to be personally responsible with the storage of their assets.

  2. The world is being fun by information warfaremuch of it is sent into overdrive this year with bots, and obvious old guard stakeholder influence. Trust no source, question everything. 1984… don't go batty in the process because it feels like you have no anchor, but it's better than seeing the world through lies and falsehood

  3. I have said it before, and I'll say it again, big institutions are going to do everything they can to lower the prices on cryptocurrency so they can get a good position. They get first choice on the stock market and then retail investors go in. I'm not selling my crypto, no way, im holding tight for the ride!


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