To All Bitcoin and Crypto Holders! верхний 3 AVOIDED But Important Truths

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отказ: Я не финансовый консультант и это не финансовые консультации.

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  1. Bitcoin is ruled by the one rule that rules them all…… Gresham's Law. You only spend money in a form that is constantly devaluing … указ. You are not (unless you are an idiot) going to spend Bitcoin which is increasing in value. ALL Bitcoin will eventually be owned by the super rich as hodlers sell out to them. The super rich will then use Bitcoin to transfer their wealth amongst themselves around the world without interference from governments or central banks. All the talk about 'freedom warriors' and its use as a world wide currency for everyday transactions etc. является BS. As peasants we are all in it for the Moon shot anyone that doesn't think this is fooling themselves.


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