Samsung Default Crypto, TRON x Ethereum Collaboration, Ethereum Classic Surge & Media Loves Bitcoin

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Comment (50)

  1. You can't see why ethereum collab with Tron
    – no gas fees
    – high scallability
    -2000x faster
    -sun network
    -286 Dapps
    -btt social media

    Tron is way capable than any other coin. You still won't get it.😂

  2. Yoohoo… easy money … the financial institutions are like bullies taking candy from the novice investors of crypto …
    SELL SELL SELL BITCOIN … pull back correction is here. Take profits now.

  3. The Samsung S10 has a few youtube reviews and nobody mentions anything about crypto. All of us need to get out of our little bubble once in a while and make comments about Bitcoin. Whether you are watching a TED talk on AI, income inequality, Net Neutrality, or a friggin UFO documentary just make a connection with Bitcoin (without mentioning price)! Andreas Antonopoulos never talks about price; we need more speakers like him. Commenting about crypto with other crypto fans on a crypto channel doesn't really bring in more people.

  4. I own the Samsung Galaxy S10, the supported coins are: ETH, TrueUSD, BAT, REP, Revain, Chainlink Token, Pax, MKR, USDC, Pundi X, BNB, Populous, ZRX and Enjin Coin, you can also add custom tokens as well. The wallet only supports ERC20 tokens ONLY. The enjin wallet is better because of the atomic swap feature.

  5. The G20 coming Out with financial regulations news in June is just in time for the next 60 days cycle so this is probably when we will most likely see a dip in the price of btc… buying time!

  6. You hit the nail on the head, KYC and AML. It's all about control and getting rid of anonymity. Except for the central banks, of course. Giving anonymity to the common user means Robin Hood/Turk 182 to these controllers.

  7. i see what you mean about people not knowing about bit coin i sent a pic of a bitcoin with little men mining it out the ground lol and my mates were saying things like iv heard of them coins and its a gambling chip is it and the best one was is it a chocolate coin lol

  8. They seem to be choosing coins that do not have big/serious financial backers. It might be because they fear losing funds from wallets crashing, as they seem to be going with cryptos that enthusiasts and smaller investors go for. If I had to guess I would say it is to lessen the knives in case something "goes wrong" with either the hardware or the firmware.

  9. My CPA/Tax preparer gave me negative vibes towards cryptocurrencies, even though he saw my gains for 2018… said it was too speculative and does not have any intrinsic value. Also said his brother was very into cryptos lol anyway, ignore the haters!!

  10. As a Samsung s10+ user…… I can confirm there is absolutely nothing on this phone relating to Crypto Wallets by Samsung. It's not to say they won't be adding any new additions at a later date, but as it currently stands this means nothing to me and as far as i'm concerned this is nonsense until my phone says otherwise.

  11. The thing is Btc did not start this with a global board of analysts to decide how much is it worth and then put it out in the world with 1 and infinite number of zeros. It started with nothing and thats why is ok to say that btc now is overbought, not just because many TA signs but also because ppl don't learn nor understand what is happening, they follow the news only and that is info from yesterday. There is no "negative energy" hocus pocus, it's just is.

  12. Blockchain is not suitable to be a cryptocurrency except for smart contracts etc, they all make shit coins = slow + high fees + global warming + high data traffic …. Solution? DAG technology is much way better, like IOTA & Nano coins = fast + no fees + unlimited traffic + green ( million times less power) … in late 2019, they will be a best cryptocurrency ever born with DAG + Privacy, name? you will know later, study yourself.

  13. I think a lot of the drama in the crypto space is staged. They’re doing it for attention. And the big reason your “friends” lecture you about the “dangers” of crypto is because they trust the TV more than their friend, everybody that has half a brain is experiencing this same thing from their friends/fam. They’re not your friends, they do not respect you.

  14. The media/press is sensational of nature, meaning they try to make attractive headlines. They don't hate or love crypto, they just want sensation so people listen to them. That's their business model. People following social and political topics have noticed that a long time ago.

  15. I understand when media tries to keep ppl away whlile their establishment buys in. Even more so when Bloomberg is actually right, and it's easy for them to cover up when the TA realy shows it. Now it's clear this will go down again for a while, from daily on stoc RSI and RSI shows that btc is overbought like in dec 2017 and a Bearish Cross is happening right now. Everyone waited and praised big money to come in, well they are here and they like to play dirty. This is more exciting for them now than for normal ppl that lose all their savings on some shitcoins and bubbles. Welcome to the Jungle.

  16. TMI.. Love your broadcasts. You are definitely having fun with this and I just love laughing along with your expo. Take care. The wealth transfer is coming. Ssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssseeeeeeeeeeeee you! LOL!!!


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