Binance Coin MOONSHOT 2019! Is BNB A Better Investment than Ethereum?

#Binance Coin is the best performer within the top 10 for 2019! Many are also dubbing it as the #Ethereum Killer, but is that true? Will Binance turn out to be a better investment? This is something that Billy will talk about as well as the latest news about Binance. #Bitcoin
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$2.4 Billion: #Binance Team Vows to Burn Entire 80 Million BNB Holding

The #Ethereum Killer is already hereand it’s name is Binance

Binance Exchange to Launch #Crypto Futures Trading with 20x Leverage

Binance to Stop Serving US Traders Following Announcement of US-Dedicated Platform

Binance: Team’s Entire Supply of Binance Coin (BNB) Will be Burned

Binance Chain is built on Tendermint & Cosmos SDK

Binance Destroys $26 Million Worth of Its Team’s BNB Tokens

Binance Coin (BNB) Use Case



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Comment (19)

  1. How!? Can it be a moon shot ? When there not gonna be for us customers this would be retarded to invest kick ure self when u didnt buy at 1 dollar and sell when It went up now ure just plain dumb to chase profits! Guess theres dumb people out there

  2. Because it'll be seized, closed down and CZ will end up in jail? Is that why you are shilling it? Or you simply bought in and want the viewers to pay for your profits? LOL

  3. Even B cash is also better than ETH apparently, according to Vitalik Buterin. They could have had there ducks in a row by setting up the U.S exchange first.

  4. Too many projects already on Ethereum, plus the largest team in Crypto, I'd doubt it. BNB might get more of a pump in the next run so as far as a short term investment, maybe, but long term I'd go Ethereum hands down.


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