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  2. I respect you Sunny, but I have to say, are you really so greedy that you don't see and not realistic about the market. Did it occur to you that BTC did new left a bear marketfor weeks I am listening to you and all the people on the internet talking about bull and bullish marketand not one word about bear market. Be a contrarian, just once think of possibility of what I am warning you all aboutBTC down below 4 000 $ BE AWARE !!!

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  7. Sunny Decree, I've been watching your videos for about half a year, you and altcoindaily and themoon. I understand the unique times we are living in right now and the unstoppable technology that blockchain presents. I get BTC being decentralized, permission-less, store of value, a hedge against fiat inflation or destruction. I get the idea of stacking sats, dollar cost averaging and other concepts etc. I got into this cryptocurrency space looking for a way to pay off my wife and my combined student debt of $150,000. I recognize that btc could do that in the long run if you start early and ride it out long term. It will easily be better than the 25 years left I have paying down the student loans at 1200/mo. What I am wondering though, is if you have any knowledge of how to EARN BTC. I am a dad of two, my wife only works part time and we are on a tight budget while I am going back to college full time for a career change into Engineering and I've got a ways to go before I finish and start making money. I've done Coinpot faucets for about a month or two and earned .0004 btc through them. I am putting what little I can save towards it after bills are paid in Coinbase, I dont dare risk trading because I wouldnt have a clue what I am doing and cant afford to lose because of the student loan payoff goal, so, do you have any ideas that I can do to earn it? Just seeing if you know of something. Thanks

  8. Altcoins will gain on BTC until march its obvious altcoin speculation is coming it happens in 4 year cycles. If you look at BTC.D you will see a chart you wouldnt want to go long on. You people are way over eager and I dont like it. Thats why Im short. Bitcoin didnt break the $1200 previous ATH before the halving it happened 6 months later during the parabolic rise caused by supply shock. And yet the general sentiment in the crypto community is that if BTC doesnt break ATH at halving the halving will be a flop. It would be extremely bulish if we double topped at halving and dumped to the 14k previous top.

  9. Bullrun or Bear market? DudeEvery day is a guessing day for crypto. Nobody knows anything, those that hold the coins hold the answers. I personally believe that we will have these ups and downs with leveling, the whole way to 14k/15k by mid/late December 2019.


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