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Bitcoin Dominance 90% in Reality? Satoshi Nakamoto | Rakuten | Bitcoin News

Bitcoin dominance has been growing a lot this year, but, is it a lot higher than everyone expects? Maybe even as high as 90%? This is something that Mattie will look into as well as three pivotal btc figures thought to be Satoshi. In addition, Mattie will talk about Rakuten launching its cryptocurrency exchange. ———————————————————————————– […]

Is Bakkt Factored In BTC Price? Amazon Blockchain Hardware | HPB, NULS | Bitcoin News

Amazon and Ethereum are on a quest to fix blockchain, however, is the solution already here? This is something Mattie will look into as well as bakkt and how it affects bitcoin. There are also news coming from Nuls 2.0 and it going live very soon! Additionally, Cirlce’s CEO Jeremy Allaire is also in the […]

Bitcoin Trades at a PREMIUM in Hong Kong | Binance Venus vs Facebook Libra | Crypto.Com Updates

Bitcoin is currently trading at a premium in Hong Kong and people are protesting by withdrawing their money from the banking system. Mattie will tell you everything you need to know about the protests in HK as well as Hong Kong’s leading publication now accepting Bitcoin BTC and Bitcoin Cash as donations. Mattie will also […]

Bitcoin BULLISH! Will BAKKT Affect Ethereum? US China Currency WarsBitcoin News

Bitcoin Bakkt affects Ethereum and not only Bitcoin. Mattie will tell you exactly how! Trump vs China is also a topic today with focus on the currency war and how it might be crucial for BTC. There are more news from China as the Chinese central bank, People’s Bank of China, is close to launch […]

Bitcoin Getting SERIOUS MONEY | 3 REASON Why BTC is NOT $13K | Plus Token Ponzi Follow Up

Serious money is coming into #bitcoin! Mattie will look at that as well as btc market fear. He will also look at bitcoin’s current price and why it hasn’t returned to $13k yet. We recently talked about Plus Token ponzi scheme which Mattie will follow up on in this video. Binance’s CZ, Charlie Lee, and […]

1000x Cryptocurrency Market Growth, Bakkt Bitcoin Futures, Institutional Money! Bitcoin News

Bakkt is launching next month on the 23rd! How will that affect bitcoin and the overall crypto market? Mattie will look into exactly that as well as Goldman Sachs suggesting that now is a good time to buy bitcoin. Finally, Mattie will talk about CZ from Binance saying that the market will grow 1000x. ——————————————————————————— […]

BREAKING: Ponzi Plus Token Dumping 200K BTC 800k ETH, Bitcoin Crash is NOT Related to Stocks!

Bitcoin price is taking a hit right now and altcoins especially Ethereum are following. What’s causing it? One of the reasons might be the fact that the bad actors from the Plus Token ponzi scheme from China are​ dumping 200k Bitcoin and 800k Ethereum. This also means that the stocks most likely aren’t to blame […]

HUGE: Samsung Adds BITCOIN | Facebook Libra | BTC Correction | Nuls Reward Model

Facebook has reportedly paid hundreds of contractors to transcribe usersaudio chats! Not only is that disturbing, but​ it also affects their Libra cryptocurrency which Mattie will tell you more about. In other news, Samsung adds support for Bitcoin BTC in its blockchain KeyStore. Mattie will also touch base on NULS launching a new reward […]

BREAKING: SEC Cracks on Altcoins | Mark Cuban on BTC | Cardano, Electroneum, Binance | Bitcoin News

The SEC cracks on altcoins and files an emergency lawsuit against Veritaseum to stop spending millions in ICO money. Mattie will also give you the latest news from Electroneum, Cardano, and the Litecoin dusting attacks that are taking place on Binance. In other news, Mark Cuban talks about bitcoin and even compares it to gold. […]


The SEC is delaying all Bitcoin ETFs yet againLuckily the market didn’t tank. Mattie will also give you an update on the latest news and developments from Ethereum,, and Litecoin. ———————————————————————————– Sign Up For Altcoin Buzz Newsletter Now: Visit our website: Connect with us on Social Media: Twitter: Facebook: […]