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  1. Once the SEC and Regulators are done with Libra, nobody will want to use it. Mark my words. No matter how stupid they are will want to feel like there is a microscope over all their transactions.

  2. If Libra launches they will totally offer free money for using the token. I could see them starting a crypto exchange on top of it where Libra is the ‘tether’ of the exchange. Scary.

  3. REMEMBER? ($14.99 value) FREE to download music albums unlimited selections and only 10 minutes to download each song ! They tried Very hard to stop it but it was impossible just 20 years ago because of worldwide power of the numbers. There is no doubt that Crypto Currency is absolutely our future and its just the very very beginning.

  4. Can we get a video with a update on what coins you still think have a future? I have a notepad of coins you said in the past. However it has been about 4-5 months tho since that time. Im sure some stayed the same.However id Like know your idea on alts that you believe may have future if alt season ever hits. Thanks mate.


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