Why Peter Schiff Loves Gold and Hates Bitcoin [Gold vs Bitcoin]

Ever wonder why Peter Schiff loves gold and hates Bitcoin? Why does Peter spend so much time talking about Bitcoin? What is he trying to prove or hide? Tune in and find out.

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Comment (22)

  1. Peter, which I have seen up to is kind of a stubborn stonehead who doesn’t consider another view.
    Once I considered to buy 3 Bitcoin it costed 550€ a piece. My basic rule was and still is:“don’t do what you don’t understand“ so I didn’t buy. I even ask my nephew which has a physics degree to explain me Bitcoin. Unfortunately he couldn’t.

    I came into bitcoin due to a Chinese watch seller 😉 who accepted Bitcoin. (Needed that darn copy 😂)

    Highly worried I tried, and it went just fine. I needed a while to go through what has to be learned and am proud to finally got what Bitcoin and Blockchain really is and how it works.
    The highest risk for Bitcoin is, that people won’t get the idea behind it.
    „The net/block knows the transaction and is proof, without to be questioned.“

    I highly admire the people involved, the design, the ideasit’s gorgeous and gives me great hope for the young generation. There is a revolution to be managed, I hope we all will succeed.
    Thank you for your work! You are my first to go to channel.

    Just to add my opinion to the overall subject: Gold and silver will be best, If the lights literally go off. If not Crypto esp. Bitcoin rules.

    Altcoins need to be watched.

  2. I am following much more your arguments. But i am invested in both and luckily (because this should not sound like showing off) I invested into gold at the very beginning of the sub prime crisis 2007/2008 and discovered and bought BTC Q1 and 2 2018 just before the increase from approximately 3.500 € on.

  3. Peter is payed for being a goldbug by the media. It's his job to be bullish about gold. Image he would switch to bitcoin…..he would be out of a job!!

  4. Yeah I can totally imagine being a gold bug in the future. Carrying around a hammer and chizzle and trying to shave off enough gold to pay for my Amazon purchase…. Even with Prime I cant imagine how long it would take for me to receive something after shiping my gold to them and have them weigh it. Even after they receive the gold I sent I would hope that the little gold shavings made it in one piece all while gold retaining the value at time of purchase…. Can you imagine the transaction costs to ship gold insured for a $10 Amazon purchase??? I know people complain about bitcoin transaction fees but at least they don't need to go to the post office to wait in line to buy a stamp at a higher cost. Bitcoin is also always insured as long as you keep your private keys safe. I don't want to live in Peter's future!

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