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  4. Greetings! I’m an environmental enthusiast and would like to draw your attention to the fact that crypto can and should be used in the eco sphere. I heard about ASGARD project, they are making some kind of eco fund and their token has been listed on p2pb2b already. Could you please analyze this project? I’ve heard will give 10x minimum but wanted to hear some independent opinion.

  5. Ecology is hugely popular right now because of all the environmental issues, do you know any crypto projects based on it? I think it can provide a good ROI. The only one I know is ASG on p2pb2b

  6. Great video! Could you please check out ASG token on p2pb2b exchange? It is an international eco fund and I’ve got some inside info that alternative funding sources for environmental tasks are being created and the token can grow 10x and more. Also, this project is supported in the UAE, USA, and Europe. Thanks!


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