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  1. You guys likes to cherry pick. Remember when institutions bought those AAA mortgage back securities after saying they suck. Remember when institutions also bought enron and other crap along with the good tech stocks after saying you're an idiot for buying tech stock. That's the thing, these institutions diversify and not put all their eggs in one basket unlike you guys that go all in on bitcoin.

  2. That's an old, old video. This is really the first time you've seen it, or was this a video you kept in your back pocket to use when you took a day off?

  3. This mentality can be applied to fudders calling alts shit. They are akin to the institutions. Coercing people to sell their alts at rock bottom, so they can buy them up.

  4. Great find, Sunny. The whole world should watch this. Expose those fucking lying snake oil salesmen for what they are. Politicians and bankersreptiles.

  5. Hi Sunny, Great video, watch your channel everyday. But, regarding the DISHONEST BIG-BOYS who are lying to the public about BtC in public but buying BtC secretly, how and where can I go to find out what these AH are doing. It would be great help if you could send some links to keep track of this DISHONEST BIG-BOYS. Thanks.

  6. Look man, I like Bitcoin and I'm in since a long time. You are basically saying that when financial institutions were telling you it was a bubble and to sell it was a good time to buy. Now they are saying that it's not a bubble and you are saying it's a good time to buy/hodl


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