Surgery update for the subs who have supported me.

4 months ago I had two and a half feet of intestine removed, appendix and part of my colon. I am slowly working my way back. Still down 25lbs though. Working my way back one lb at a time. All glory to my Lord and savior Jesus Christ who has gotten me through this. I decided to start adding heavy bag work to my strength training program. Your health will complement your trading in many ways. I hope to bring health and fitness to the crypto community from time to time. Keep fighting everyday my friends. Don’t be too hard on me, first week back.


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  1. Still got that power Chris….Nice! Had no idea you had surgery or ya worked out so much. I used to….am 65 (and into cryptos) but boxed when young with martial arts. Raced motorcycles…and still install,repair,sand and finish,hardwood floors. Never give up,eh. You're looking good Chris, God Bless….my friend


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