VeChain PumpsHow High Can It Go? | Bitcoin and Crypto News
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  1. Thank u Hellen for your replyI don't have X nodes, what is that anyways? I didn't know u have to update your nano S, what happen if u don't update and how d u update?

  2. what futures gap!? I read the article and looked at the charts and cannot find anything. George, I love your channel but you gotta make sure to get the facts straight before streaming.

  3. On 10/22/19 BTC was @ $7300 just like today then 3 days later on 10/25/19 BTC shot to $10,500 BTC dont care about the people like Tone V always saying we going down, You can also easily say we going up 🚀

  4. I keep my VET in VeChain Thor wallet, is it safe to keep them here? or better to keep them in ledger nano? In wallet generates thor coins, in the ledger doesn't ?, so what do you recommend?

  5. BTC holdersplease claim your free HEX tomorrow. This is actually a project that can work VERY well for early adopters. OF COURSE it is a high risk investment (besides the completely free claim). BUT, most people are still perfect candidates to invest some. My thoughts are: I have plenty of money to put SOME money into SOME (researched) high riskand hopefully high rewardventures. BTC is NOT going 10 or 100 times in the next few yearsit is far too "known" (no matter what crypto cultists keep telling you). We need to find the next big thing (say a top 100 coin) EARLY. This project has me more intrigued than anything in crypto in a couple years. I actually will get LESS HEX the more of YOU that claim, but I want this to work!

  6. It would not shock me if bitcoin ended 2019 at 1O,OOO USD. Chances like this [for investors] are rare. "Bitcoin has encountered a sudden surge in value after several days of plummeting prices. Despite the significant dips. Some crypto experts have urged that it was the "perfect time" to invest. "While nobody knows what the value of any future cryptocurrency will be, it's possible to make a large increase within the next 7 months at least. As an investor accumulating and increasing our position should be the trend. I am increasing my portfolio daily through trading though am not a smart trader I trade with signals provided by Andre Perelez. His signals are precise, accurate, easy to understand and implement in your trades and I have grown my portfolio from 4.2 BTC to 16.3 BTC in just two months of applying them.Andre can be contacted on WhatsApp (+1 (631)-0319-8304 ) on Telegram-@Andreperelez*


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