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So if you’be been following my little old lady trading series then you know that the recent Binance US news is a bit upsetting. My crptocurrency trading series has to take a bit of a step back. Now, I’ll still be able to trade bitcoin and be an altcoin trader, but I’ll have to change exchanges. The latest alternative I have found and am using is Kucoin.

One of the main things I like about Kucoin is you don’t have to do the KYC to trade. Granted there is a 2 BTC limit, but for me that is just fine. They are pretty similar to the Binance Exchange as far as the actual exchange part. They both pull API info from Trading view which makes it ver nice to decide on trades you want to make. Let me know down below whether you use Kucoin exchange or not.

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  1. I think huobi global is okay for US customers which is a reputable exchange.
    Also I have been mining Beam through pools, has been a very hassle free user experience so far. After a day or two I am making more money in Beam payouts than I have been with BTC payouts from mining algos on nicehash. I think this is because I get faster latency (Ping) connection times (better share rate ) through the 2miners pool (Asia server) than nicehash's japan & US stratum servers. Mining here in New Zealand tends to have poorer latency time with mining, than mining from other parts of the world.

  2. Ha Ha Binance works just fine in Canada, for now anyways. Kucoin is ok, not the best but perfectly suitable & reasonably secure. I've used it, but prefer Binance. Which I'll still keep using cuz Binance still loves the Great White North, not like the lower '48 or '49! I can never figure that one out.

  3. Speaking of Binance. Isn't there supposed to be a US Binance branch opening? (Hopefully, sometime soon). I freaking loved trading on Binance when I could. It's very streamlined, fast and easy to use. Well, at least it was when I used it, I dunno what the US one will be like, hopefully, the same as the Korean one. I don't see any reason why they couldn't reuse what they already have.


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