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▶Full Disclaimer: This video and its contents are for informational purposes only and do not constitute an offer to sell or trade, hoe titauraa maru no te hoo mai i te, e aore ra i te parau titauraa no te parururaa, cryptocurrency, ICO, e aore ra i te tauihaa, nor does it constitute an offer to provide investment advice or other related services by CryptosRUs. CryptosRus may have a financial investment with the cryptocurrencies discussed in this video. In preparing this video, Aita e taata i te pae moni e aore ra, o te faahoturaa faufaa te hinaaro i te ite i rave i roto i te aamu e aore ra, e i te pae moni e aore ra te faahoturaa faufaa i te haapiiraa e i te pupu. Ua ineine te mau hioraa i faaitehia i roto i teie video e niuhia i nia i te mau haamaramaramaraa e roaa i te taime ua papaihia te mau manao. Ua taui e aore ra, no te mau haamaramaramaraa hau atu e tia roa ia ia taui i te mau manao.

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  1. Great Interview! I got into Bitcoin in order to be able to talk to my two teenage sons. We need to promote Bitcoin to the youtube channels my kids watch like dude perfect, 8-bit Ryan, Na o atu. Beast etc…… These you tubers have channels where they "give away" $100k + to people who compete in games, or play video games! The thing is they have millions of users. If they started seeing Bitcoin as something better considering it will appreciate in value rather than $100k…..then blast off and the world is a better place. Perhaps, the best part is you don't have to overcome the old school banker schooling. For the guys running the channels, it could be a great way for them to promote their channel. Thoughts?

  2. Hi George! I am taking advantage of Tezos staking on Coinbase, looking forward to see how it works out. Thanks for always sharing great crypto content! I have not tried the Popeyes chicken sandwich, nor do I plan too. I rather make my own Chicken sandwich and invest in Bitcoin!! I want to know what is in the chicken sandwich that is making people act crazy!! #smdh


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