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A Conversation On Bitcoin Today vs. Bitcoin Yesterday | Stokesy & Stoner Show Ep.12

In this episode of the Stokesy & Stoner Crypto Show, we go lite on the News articles and instead share some musings on the current state of Bitcoin following remarks from Trump and the U.S Administration. ✘ Follow Adam: ✘ Links to videos mentioned: Bitcoin time traveller Part 1 – Bitcoin time traveller […]

Red Alert For Bitcoin? The U.S Turns Up Heat On Cryptos Future

Steve Mnuchin has just held a press conference in which he shared the joint effort between all U.S Financial agencies to tackle Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency related fraud, money-laundering and terrorist financing. Some of the language used in the speech was strong, even referring to President Trump’s remarks on Bitcoin and how it was valued out […]

Whats going on with Ethereum? Vitalik wants to use Bitcoin Cash?

In a strange move, Vitalik Buterin has mused about using the Bitcoin Cash chain as a temporary data availability layer. What does this mean for Ethereum? And is the layer 2 scaling work showing signs of a slow down? ✘ Follow Me: ▪️ My personal Twitter ▪️ Brand Twitter ▪️ Instagram ▪️ […]

Central Bank Lunacy Continues As Turkey Considers Launching "Turkcoin"

Turkey has recently floated the idea for a new Central Bank issued cryptocurrency called the ‘Turkcoin’. Clearly, it seems as a diversionary tactic to move attention from the poor economic conditions going on in the country. The more important issues arise around Central Bank cryptocurrencies in general. Are they safe? How will they work? What […]

Shots Fired! Donald Trump Gives First Official Position on Bitcoin

Well, its finally happened. President Donald Trump has given his first official position on Bitcoin, and its not a positive one. In a statement on Twitter, the President has criticised Bitcoin and Cryptocurrencies, while simultaneously promoting the United States Fiat Based Dollar. What does this mean for the future of Bitcoin? And are Cryptocurrencies now […]

U.S Federal Reserve Head Jerome Powell Slams Facebooks Libra Cryptocurrency

Jerome Powell, the Chair of the U.S Federal reserve has slammed Facebooks Libra cryptocurrency project, saying it “cannot move forward” until the Fed is satisfied Money Laundering concerns are address. This comes on the back of the Korean Watchdog warning of the financial risks of the project. The question remains, whether Facebooks Libra will ever […]

Bitcoins Fundamentals Are At Incredible Historical Highs

Bitcoins Price Fundamentals are getting stronger by the day. Hashrate is at an all-time high, daily active addresses are trending up, and technicals are looking good. But what does this all mean, and will it impact the Bitcoin Price in the near to long term? Today we explore some Fundamental Indicators pointing towards a surge […]

WOW! Gold ETF & Bitcoin Price Chart Are Near Identical! | Stokesy & Stoner Show Ep.11

In this episode of the Stokesy & Stoner Crypto Show, we cover Australia’s bail-in laws and some history around this troublesome law, before we look at how the SEC and FINRA have provided some additional commentary about how current Crypto Custody is not meeting their current standard. We also look at how a Gold ETF […]

Futuristic Singapore Proposes Tax Cut For Crypto Transactions

The Singaporean Government has just submitted a proposal to remove GST on crypto-to-crypto purchases, making cryptocurrency transactions for tax-friendly for consumers and for businesses. But how does this affect using crypto in the country? And what parallels do we have from other Nations to compare this proposed legislation too? 💰 Check out CoinSpot for a […]

President of European Central Bank Worried Bitcoin Is "Shaking The System"

Former head of the International Monetary Fund and now President of the ECB, Christine Largarde, is worried Bitcoin and Cryptocurrencies are “Shaking the system”, and that we shouldnt shake the system too much. Despite this, some crypto commentators are positive about Largades appointment, citing her as being “crypto friendly”. But should we be cautious of […]