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The United States SEC Wants Blockchain Ledger Data? | Stokesy & Stoner Show Ep.14

In this episode of the Stokesy & Stoner Crypto Show, we dive into a recent proposal from the Australian government to limit the amount of cash people can hold and transaction with, and a story from the SEC who is apparently looking for an external firm to run cryptocurrency nodes. ✘ Follow Adam: ✘ ... Read more

Reading & Responding To Comments | R&R Ep.2

I Read and Respond to some of my YouTube channel comments. ✘ Follow Me: ▪️ My personal Twitter ▪️ Brand Twitter ▪️ Instagram ▪️ Facebook ▪️ Reddit ▪️ Pinterest ▪️ Linkedin ✘ Channel Sponsors (thankyou!) Crypto(dot)com ✘ Recommendations ▪️ Buy Bitcoin/Ethereum (Aus) ▪️ Buy Altcoins Binance ... Read more

The Most Convincing Satoshi Nakamoto Candidate Yet? (Part 1)

A new Satoshi Nakamoto candidate has emerged, and his name is Jurgen Etienne Guido Debo, a Belgian National. Jurgen claims he is the original creator of Bitcoin, and has personally contacted the Florida Court involved in the Kleiman case to prove it. ✘ Follow Me: ▪️ My personal Twitter ▪️ Brand Twitter ▪️ ... Read more

Bizarre Events Around TRON, Justin Sun And The Chinese Government

In the past 2 days, there have been some bizarre events occurring around TRON’s Founder & CEO, with a Chinese news outlet reporting Sun has had travel restrictions placed on him in relation to one of his former companies. This comes on the back of Sun announcing he had Kidney stones, and as a result ... Read more

This Single Blockchain Use-Case Could Be Game-Changing | Stokesy & Stoner Show Ep.13

In this episode of the Stokesy & Stoner Crypto Show, we dive into two major topics, one being a blockchain use-case that could revolutionise an entire industry potentially saving lives, and the other is on Facebooks future and the role governments should play with major tech giants. ✘ Follow Adam: ✘ Links to videos ... Read more

An Update On The State of Bitcoin & Crypto In The U.S

Since our last Crypto News update, we have had more statements from prominent Republicans and Democrats on Bitcoin and Cryptocurrencies future. The Bitcoin News seems fairly neutral, as some members support Bitcoin, whilst others are calling for a complete ban. The question remains, where does Bitcoins future lie? And will regulations choke capital from coming ... Read more

A Conversation On Bitcoin Today vs. Bitcoin Yesterday | Stokesy & Stoner Show Ep.12

In this episode of the Stokesy & Stoner Crypto Show, we go lite on the News articles and instead share some musings on the current state of Bitcoin following remarks from Trump and the U.S Administration. ✘ Follow Adam: ✘ Links to videos mentioned: Bitcoin time traveller Part 1 – Bitcoin time traveller ... Read more

Red Alert For Bitcoin? The U.S Turns Up Heat On Cryptos Future

Steve Mnuchin has just held a press conference in which he shared the joint effort between all U.S Financial agencies to tackle Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency related fraud, money-laundering and terrorist financing. Some of the language used in the speech was strong, even referring to President Trump’s remarks on Bitcoin and how it was valued out ... Read more

Whats going on with Ethereum? Vitalik wants to use Bitcoin Cash?

In a strange move, Vitalik Buterin has mused about using the Bitcoin Cash chain as a temporary data availability layer. What does this mean for Ethereum? And is the layer 2 scaling work showing signs of a slow down? ✘ Follow Me: ▪️ My personal Twitter ▪️ Brand Twitter ▪️ Instagram ▪️ ... Read more

Central Bank Lunacy Continues As Turkey Considers Launching "Turkcoin"

Turkey has recently floated the idea for a new Central Bank issued cryptocurrency called the ‘Turkcoin’. Clearly, it seems as a diversionary tactic to move attention from the poor economic conditions going on in the country. The more important issues arise around Central Bank cryptocurrencies in general. Are they safe? How will they work? What ... Read more